Return to the Garden

by stewart

For many in this age, there is a basic disconnect between those things of the world and those things of the spirit.

The separating factor is our every day consciousness and concern for our self and those people and things we care about.  This is the basic pattern and imperfection that we have become immersed in.

In this age, as in every other age, there is a yearning for a conduit to reunite those things of the spirit and those things that are of the material world.  We have an innate desire and capacity to make things whole; this we are able to do with spiritual capacity, but only for a time.

For you see, we are spiritual beings who have taken on a physical existence so we might further explore our potential and capacity.

We are Children of Light that have entered a world of darkness and Light so we might better know who we are, and the process serve that which is highest and most Illuminated.

In this struggle, there is greatness and pain. For here in this place, darkness and Light cannot exist without the other; that is this world of forms and decay: into which we have chosen to express ourself.

Yet hidden within each, there is a spark or magical element. This aspect is the conduit that we seek, and as we call this spark into remembrance, each and every day we become more complete; having moments of grace, immersed into that great Ocean of Light from which we originated.

For you see, it is not the state of physical beings to remain at peace; we are subject to all kinds of fluctuation, burning and desire. 

How to rise higher and grasp the potential that is ours? That is the mystery. That is the struggle. 

You ask was there ever a time and a place where this mystery was more universally understood?  

The answer to this question is both yes and no. That is the riddle. That is the mystery.

Today for one soul it is both possible and impossible. That is the fluctuation. That is the dichotomy.

And while it is possible for the individual to reach this place of seeming completeness; is it possible for an entire community to reach this place of grace and awareness? That is the potential. That is the prophecy.

Further you ask, for created beings- collectively, has there ever been a time when this potential was fulfilled?

Yes. Long ago, before the emergence of the present terrestrial forms; there was a time and place when this question was explored and seemingly resolved.

According to legend, that is the story that has been passed down through the ages of this wondrous time and place.

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