When You Destroy Hope

by stewart

This is for those who are being trampled by a health system that doesn’t cure- with medications which cause more illness, a disability system that doesn’t help and a political system that is corrupted by greed. I remember a doctor friend of mine offering: “If you want to control a population, one way is to keep people sick and going to doctors. Also there is more money in illness than cures.”

Through personal experience I have made-up my mind about this sort of thing, but perhaps you haven’t. Consider what is written below and consider further, what do we do about it?
When You Destroy Hope


For 10 minutes yesterday

I had hope.  It rocked

My world- filling me

With possibilities of being cured.

Hope- such a powerful ointment!

Hope- can change the course of a life.

Now, reality is slowly creeping back in.


It seems to me

There must be a special place in hell

For all of those people who rob us

Of our potential by deliberately

Destroying our hope and dreams;

Doing this in so many ways. . .


In America, sadly our world is filled

With these people;

And they know precisely

What they are doing

Just so they can hold onto power,

Money and feeling superior.


For some people they can never have enough

And they get more by stealing, denying and killing.

Never looking back . . .


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