What If

by stewart

What if all the money, energy, thought and time

Used for war and countries fighting each other

Was used to feed the hungry, care for the sick

And help those in dire need?


Yes, what if all across the world

Soldiers, sailors and flyers

Turned their attention and energy

To healing and building

Instead of defending and fighting?

And what if, in every land,

The manufacturers of guns and weapons

Used their resources to build homes for the homeless

And hospitals for the sick and dying?


Can you imagine such a world?


That’s the world we should be reaching to manifest.

Ask any soldier which is a better choice- life or death;

Yet, many are not ready to abandon their old ways.

This way of killing and fear serves individual purpose.


How long will it take for humanity to learn the lesson?

The choice to build or destroy

Is ours, collectively,

Every moment of every day.


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