Inner Conflict

by stewart

Sufis have long held that the inner war- Jihad, the fight between a traveler’s higher and lower nature is a moment by moment struggle. Those who are somehow able to turn toward their higher self and use, in daily life, their access to spiritual awareness are on the road to enlightenment. This world is made a better place one person at a time and each person’s life is made up of small moment by moment conflicts, decisions and actions.

Within each of us there is an ancient knowing and awareness that has been covered over by the dust of living in this world. This dust is comprised of things we are taught, things that we want and things that are necessary to living in the body. This friction between the things we want and need pushes us forward and gives life both meaning and urgency. Yet those who are able to overcome this pull and somehow elect things which help others have transcended the physical reality.




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