Unique Filter

by stewart

You are a unique filter through which this world enters.  Therefore by definition, your experience will be different than others, and because you are also part of the human race at other times the same.  How then do you always expect to agree with everything you see, hear about and read?  Also we must remember, in many ways, our day to day reality is based upon mutually agreed upon stimuli.

Further consider what this world would look like if you were not here?  Because you wouldn’t be here, much of the flavor and intensity would be lost; if at a distance you could perceive anything at all.

For the spiritual traveler, it is the same with other worlds and dimensions.  Usually we can only imagine and intuit what they will be like.

According to the mystic, there is a part of us, called the heart that knows and experiences what the other side is like; it is always connected to this dimension. This heart or spiritual center manifests in stillness, impressions and quiet whispering. These signals and faint perception help lead us further along the way and with training our vision becomes a little clearer.


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