Touched The Robe

by stewart

Ultimately this life is about you and what you want and wish to accomplish.  Life is something you make-up as you go along and is dependent upon multiple factors. The key to all of this is who you are and how you react to various stimuli- always you are a central focus.

A paradox is that you cannot reach your highest self unless you give-up part of yourself and your personal need becomes secondary to another.  As you love with an open heart, help your neighbor or work for a higher potential; unselfishness creates different energy.

One must keep in mind that giving of self, unless the person is sufficiently mature can result in feelings of resentment.  This hesitancy to give is natural and tied to our lower, baser nature; it is most often overcome by true love.  Also, unless we love with an open heart, giving can become mechanical.

When we love with an open heart, we raise our vibration and journey into a higher energy realm; giving to another before self- we are reborn into Light- Masters– human beings who have touched the robe of God.


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