Two Reviews: Beyond the River’s Gate

by stewart

Review By: Robert Moyer

Saying this new book of Dr. Bitkoff’s is a skiff to sail the River to the River’s gate is actually a comment on how you read it. Truly it could be compared to a pleasure yacht or even a submarine. However you choose to cruise through this material is entirely up to you. Know, though, you will reach an incredible high on all points; mentally, and spiritually. Dr. Bitkoff has proven himself the foremost American scholar on Sufism and has a remarkable way of telling a story. He has proven this time after time in his works; such as The Ferryman’s Dream, Journey of Light and Sufism for the Western Seeker.
Fear not! Dr. Bitkoff won’t try to convert you to something you can’t believe in. However, he will enlighten you of the Spiritual legacy our world’s greatest theologies have written. Love is truly at the core of this work.
Consequently… Enjoy. Thank You Dr. Bitkoff for sharing your wisdom and love.


Review By:  Emmanuel Karavousanos

There are countless books on spirituality, on consciousness and on self-help. Beyond the River’s Gate is new but clearly unique with something magnificent in its presentation. It is appropriate for all readers who care to learn about the self. The book’s focus is on higher consciousness or as it is also known, the mystical state. Mysticism has been a mystery that each and every soul must discover for himself or herself. This beautiful book has a variety in its captivating presentation that includes questions, poems, and brief and interesting stories. This book is a gift with its treasure of ideas. All too many people skip over material they should read, often failing to capture, innately capture what is being transmitted by an author. Here, a reader cannot but be attracted and indeed drawn to read. The numerous questions in the first part of the book draw the reader to think. There are questions we have not asked ourselves forcing the reader to focus in order to learn more about the self. Moreover, the reader is drawn to think about his/her mind. It is a book that makes a reader recognize that the writer has already attained the gift he is trying to transmit — the gift of mystical insight. A reader typically reads hurrying to capture material, then moves on. Here, without realizing it, the reader is coaxed naturally and without pressure to apply attention — something not happening with most non-fiction works. There is no greater gift than to experience the mystical state. This book, Beyond the River’s Gate is written so that the reader is encouraged to look into and care to discover that precious higher state of mind. A reader of this book will almost certainly encourage others to read it. Why? It is most impressive and gives the reader a wonderful feeling in having read its many faceted wisdom.


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