The Tapestry

by stewart

Traveler: O Holy One, I have climbed the mountains and traveled the roads. I have made my way through wind, rain, sunshine and now snow to find you. Please tell me, in order to sit at your side, why must the road be so long and the journey so varied?

Master: Before I answer your question, first, you must answer one of mine.  Do you agree to this arrangement?

Traveler: Hesitantly and with some annoyance in his voice, he replied, “yes.”

Master:  And from all this going and doing, what have you learned?

Traveler: After pausing and considering an answer, the tired traveler remembered one moment of clarity he had around an evening camp fire and offered-up this singular insight as answer. “Each day, while filled with a variety of disparate experience- looking back at day’s end- they combine to make one journey . . .”

Master: “Now you are beginning to understand.  Life, death, hardship, and joy are all part of the journey; combining to form the tapestry of life: from which you learn and move forward.”


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