Just Frozen

by stewart

I’ve been climbing this mountain for so long;

I’m exhausted from the effort.


Having forgotten why I started;

My thoughts cloud over from pain and struggle.

Continually, I wonder if it is worth the work?

I’ve heard said, the view at the top is spectacular.


At this point, I do not care

and just want to lay down and sleep-

But part of me will not quit.


Unable to go forward

or go back;

I rest against this cliff face

Unable to move.


Perhaps at sunrise

My energy and resolve will return,

and I can start anew.


Who can say-

For now, I am frozen.



The Soul Is A Traveler

The soul is a traveler of many seasons; having lived hundreds of lifetimes it is a fountain of information and knowledge. Most people go through this life without learning to tune into them self and uncover the vastness of their own inner experience. The soul is comprised of pure energy and is able to express […]

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Swatting Gnats- Part-II

The previous piece is not typical of what I write, sometimes events/circumstances jump up, smack you in the face and have to be written about. Yes this world is many things; a kaleidoscope of realities- all waiting to be created by us. For sure, there is Darkness and Light and many are Soldiers of the […]

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Swatting Gnats at Dinner

These last 2 days it has been very hot and extremely difficult to breathe; this heat and combination of air seems unnatural. Something purposeful and sinister is being done to our weather. A few days ago, on public television there was a documentary about the WWII holocaust that was terrifying and disgusting for its cruelty. […]

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Prisons of the Mind

Your mind is a prison. It is also a door that opens to infinite possibilities that this world and the universe offer.   Here, by Design, you have been chained by your thoughts, fears and imagining of things you desire, and what you have been taught you should want. This aspect of the mind with […]

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Darkness vs Light

When you create a world where there is much confusion, unrest and the breaking down of long standing norms, who benefits? When people can no longer pay their bills, feed their babies and family, are beset by mysterious illness, and fight extreme weather conditions who gains? When there are wars, deadly prescriptive drugs, food and […]

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World Migratory Bird Day

Earlier this week I was informed that May is Lupus Awareness Month. Today, I glanced at our refrigerator calendar and read that May 14th is World Migratory Bird Day. I bet you didn’t know that? Personally, I had no clue. I have often wondered who decides this kind of thing? Is there an empowered Committee […]

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Amazon Book Review: “Songs Against The Darkness,” By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Virag, Reviewer 5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating and suggestive book Reviewed in Canada on March 15, 2022 Verified Purchase Dr. Stewart Bitkoff is a self-described spiritual traveler and in his many books, articles and poetry brings back reports of his journeys. His works appear in many formats. Some are fictional narratives, others detailed essays, […]

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Hide & Seek

Try as we may, we cannot hide from misfortune. Many times, I did my best but fate always found me.   In a Game of Hide and Seek, Life invariably wins. -SB

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Memories Once Lived

Where are all those people and places, now, That only live in people’s memories; Where have they all gone? Do they no longer exist Or are they like dandelion petals blown about in the wind? Only a faint fragrance remains of their passing.   Perhaps, there is someplace in this vast universe Where we can […]

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On Following ‘The Sufi Way’

This is in response to a question that was indirectly posed again today and offers some clarity about the ‘Sufi Way.’ Early on we were taught, this is the Way before there were religions. It is the ancient Path of Knowing and Experiencing the Light. It is the Super Highway to God/Light and, through the […]

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