In another time and place, I would have been apprentice to the medicine man or a student in a rabbinical seminary. Perhaps, a devotee of the local wise one or a monk begging for alms at the gate of the temple.

Instead, I am a singer of mystical songs on the internet; leaving written notes for those who listen with an inner ear to hear.



Rain Maker

The Fountain of Truth has dried-up waiting for another coming of the Rain Maker. It has been a long time since the celestial water flowed and the people are thirsty. Through this drought, there is despair and longing for the eternal, cool, refreshing water. The last time the Ancient One Walked, he spoke of the […]

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Family Tradition

I am a Grumpy Old Man; there is no doubt about it. While I have come about this condition primarily by my own effort, I think there is an aspect of heredity/gene pool in all this. My brother has earned the title “Grumpa” bestowed by his 2 grandsons; which I have kidded him about. Also […]

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And The Writing Is Good

When I first started to write, I wrote primarily for myself. There were things inside of me that needed to come out and the writing was good. As time passed, I began to expand what I wrote about and wanted to share Higher thoughts, which came through me, with others. And for a time, writing […]

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Embracing the Journey: Going Beyond Pain/Suffering

How does one transcend pain/suffering, ‘embracing the journey?’ When I consider my answer to this question, I have to smile. I really don’t know if I can ‘embrace’ pain/suffering; that is, see it the same way as joy. With many shades, pain and joy are vastly different human experiences. Note, I have never been one […]

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Be advised, No matter how careful And cautious You might be:   -Life- It will kill you. -SB

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Faith & Morning Coffee

Much of life is dependent upon faith.   For example, consider setting up your morning coffee the night before: You are going on faith the machine timer will work And that you will get-up to enjoy the coffee.   Why do you believe both of these premises to be true? Because your experience tells you […]

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Maintenance Activity

Years ago, when planned obsolescence was a major production factor, as a car got older it required more maintenance. Some models seemingly were always in the shop getting repaired and that prompted owners to trade and purchase a newer model. By design, less and less time was available to use the aging car to drive […]

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Many Problems & Few If Any Solutions

I know I am not the only one who is not fooled by the Origin of the many problems facing our world and why there seems to be few solutions. Much of this disorder, pain and confusion is being created so that something sinister and evil might come forward. This Plan has been afoot for […]

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Home Town

Of late, I have been wondering where is my home town, that larger community to which I belong? Like many, I have lived in different cities and towns; some for longer periods and some larger than others; when I went back “to see the old neighborhood” where I grew-up, it had changed. It didn’t look […]

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The Soul’s Journey

The soul is a traveler of many life times and dimensional experiences. Not all of these are in the body. Many times these experiences and journeys take place in other worlds. The soul carries with it memory of these experiences and is a composite of layers/activities. In our present experience, for different reasons, often these […]

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