The Garden Again

by stewart

​Sometimes I live in a fantasy;

a world of my creation

where people are more generous

kind and helping others.

It isn’t that this generosity

and good spirit does not exist;

It’s that we need more of it,

and I am saddened by the ill feeling

and conflict in so many areas.


I see a world where the sick, infirm and elderly

are treated with love and respect; are provided

with what they need to live, thrive and get care.


I see a world where the hungry, homeless

and fleeing their country due to war and injustice

are welcomed and cherished.


I see a world that is not consumed by greed,

competition and making money.

Just to have more and more.

I see a world of plenty

where resources are shared openly.


I see a world where people do not destroy

the beauty and glory of natural resources

to control the population and make money.


This is the world I see

and hope one day will be Recreated;

appearing again before us

so we live in peace, joy and comfort.

This was the Original Design- in the Garden-

before, greed, control and excessive self interest

destroyed and forced us out.



Gods & Aliens

Over 50 years ago, when we first began on the spiritual Path, I asked our Teacher the following question about God, the Light and Extra-Terrestrials: with their potential influence on early knowledge and our present day lives. This question and answer occurred long before TV Shows such as “Ancient Aliens” and UFO documentaries. Q: If […]

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At Sunset

Typically at sunset, the day’s activities wind down and people prepare something to eat. For many, as the evening progresses, it is a time to pause and reflect upon what was accomplished and left undone.   For the spiritual traveler, the hour approaches when daily responsibilities are complete and it is time to go inward- […]

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Your Center

That which Created the endless universes filled with countless worlds teeming with innumerable forms of life in limitless dimensions, placed a part of Itself in you so that, as you travel, you would always know where you came from and where you are going.   Daily connect with this part; it is your center and […]

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Clash of Opposites

Perhaps it has always been this way? A world torn apart by conflicting agendas but I was too distracted by work, family and individual goals to notice. At sunset, now that I have a bit more time I see the corruption, greed, hunger and corresponding beauty and love a little more clearly. A clash of […]

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Nature’s Nightdress

A white blanket Is upon the land. Slowly fallen Without a sound. I walk on nature’s nightdress Knowing I shall sleep. And in the morning I will arise To the spring flowers. -SB

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Soldiers of Light

Awake O spiritual traveler, you are in the middle of a war. Open your eyes. See the manipulation, greed and hunger all about you.   This has been going on for many, many years and will not end until the Dark Ones have consumed it all; and yet they want more.   How many have […]

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Beings of Light

Much has been Taken And much has been Given.   You were sent out into a world That was corrupted and controlled By the very institutions designed To protect, enrich and educate. These structures have been used to help create A distorted picture of who you are.   You are a Child of Light; A […]

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Mantra of Hope

You cannot hide from death Because one day it will find you. However you can spend many a day running From the ‘small’ deaths in between. These are the challenges that fill our lives with fear Creating anxiety that rob us of our vitality.   When this occurs Go out into the Sunlight And rejoice […]

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Walking This Path

I have grown old walking this Path. Now, my limbs are slightly smaller And some times my bones creak. When the weather changes I grow cold or hot, depending,   As I stroll along, I stumble a little Missing the various holes and rocks. Bumping into low hanging branches, my resolve gets tested.   Yet […]

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Celestial Train

It is twilight and gradually, In my imagination, I walk toward the station; Recalling a Celestial Train That brought me here, And will take me to the next place.   You see, I no longer feel I completely live in this world; Having left it, partially, some time ago.   Today, while one foot remains […]

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