In solving problems, people look for one step solutions. We regularly search for and propose singular approaches to often very complex problems. Now this technique works sometimes, where one adjustment or change results in a useful outcome. We must recognize this is the way our mind works: looking for the most expedient, uncomplicated remedy.

Yet, many problems, particularly social problems can only be ‘fixed’ with multiple and varied approaches that depend upon changing circumstance and require adjustment over a period of years. Yet, people continue to propose one solution and often debate that their way is the correct way to make things happen. Hence, there are arguments, particularly, when the solution requires a ‘political remedy.’  People have opposing agendas and often cannot agree on which approach to use; they fear they will lose and have to give something up.

Let us take the case of gun control, or to be more specific, how to stop shooters from going into our schools with automatic weapons and killing people.  While I personally think that gun control, is one technique to begin to solve this problem; the problem is far more complex and involves a much larger set of circumstances.  From my perspective, it comes down to a society working on how to create better people who will not do horrible, deadly things to each other. There needs to be universal discussion and awareness that the reason for this level of harm, arises from people not being healthy and concerned about their neighbor, and treating each other like them self.

In an enlightened society, there should be many discussions and multiple approaches to making better, healthier and more complete people; people who are not frightened, mentally ill and distraught, and take out their ‘inner demons’ on others. Also in an enlightened society, there should not be a gun lobby that ridiculously takes the position that restricting the sale of automatic weapons, will not move, in some way, toward a solution of controlling school gun violence.  Seems obvious, this restriction of automatic weapons is a beginning and much more work will be needed.

Yes, until we learn to raise better people and focus on this issue universally, as a society, criminals will still get guns and arms dealers will still sell guns to whoever will pay for them.

I had a boss once, who offered, when I was considering which approach to use in solving a work problem: ‘sometime it doesn’t matter what you do, but that you do something.’

Well, how about we do something with gun control: like restricting sale of automatic weapons and seriously raise a discussion on how to help raise better people, who don’t shoot each other.

From a spiritual perspective, we learn that you make a better world and a better society, by first working on yourself. Becoming the best person you can become and using your abilities to help self, and your society.  This is just one example of a mindset and approach that may be required; communities are different and what works in one community may not work in another.

What is clear, if people are serious about stopping this ongoing, horrible school violence, we must intensify the discussion on how to help raise better people who don’t harm each other.  Restricting availability of guns is one technique among dozens that will be required.




Seeing reality and what is before you, at times, is very difficult. Most of our life we go through each day working, striving and creating. Then one day, we are confronted by the reality that all our strivings, while important and useful at the time, must be left behind.  Before us is a great chasm […]

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Deep, Deep Stillness

Spiritual states are like fine caresses; they are states of consciousness which come and go, and for the spiritual traveler are to be experienced then left behind. They are a joyful time of Union and learning; an opportunity to experience our transcendent self and the Light of Being. Deep, Deep Stillness Give me the peace […]

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A few minutes ago, Lea asked me how I was doing.  I replied: FUBAR (F_cked-Up Beyond All Repair). This saying, I believe comes out of WW 2 describing how American soldiers felt the Army routinely messed things up.  In my case, I was describing, physical chronic pains and as Lea has multiple issues as well, […]

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A wise man once told me the following, and over the years, this observation has served me well; particularly when I am not pleased with an outcome. “Sometimes, it’s not a matter of what you want to do, but what you can do.” Think about it.

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Blaming God/Light

Many people are fond of blaming God/Light for their problems; others implore Deity for good health and safe passage throughout their life. Yet I wonder how helpful all of this activity actually is? It seems to me that there are natural laws which govern many things and people are free to create their own lives […]

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Some Thoughts On Spiritual Writing

The following is a discussion generated by a letter from a reader of my new book: The World of Pond Stories; this recent inquiry offers an opportunity to have a discussion about the dynamics of spiritual writing and my experience while writing. Hope you enjoy this interchange.   Inquiry Letter About Spiritual Writing Hi Stewart: As […]

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2 Reviews: The World of Pond Stories, By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Stephen Tidbury “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” This quote, attributed to Albert Einstein, tells us that the world needn’t be as complicated as we make it out to be. And indeed, “The World of Pond”, Stewart Bitkoff’s latest book, demonstrates the truth of this. Written […]

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What Some Days Are Like

Some days, getting-up in the morning is like going to the dentist and having your rotting tooth pulled. You wake-up with pain, get some treatment which causes additional pain, and then, over the hours, you wait for the pain to slowly subside. That is what this morning has been like: a long, lingering headache with […]

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Reviewers Wanted: New Book- The World of Pond Stories, By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

For your short review that will be used for publicity purposes and on Amazon, I will forward an e-copy of new book which is due out after 1/10/18 (287 pages).  Contact me if you are interested via the online form or my page on Facebook. Thanks. About The Book The World of Pond Stories, introductory piece to the series, […]

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Universal Oneness

There is a life giving and sustaining element in the Universe that is pure creative energy.  It is in everything, has consciousness and is the basis for what we know as Reality.  It has a potential and endless ways of expressing itself; part of this energy is in you and me: it is the inner […]

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