There is a very old story about a wondrous land, which after millennia of growth, fell into a long period of decay and because of continued selfish action by its citizens was consumed by the waves. As is the way with many tales, that turn into legends, often there are different versions designed to fit the teller and audience.

While many have heard of Atlantis, fewer know of its inner struggle and the circumstances which led to its final fall from Grace. Over the ages, Atlantis prospered and materially was the richest nation of the ancient world. Its citizens lived royally wanting for little; with its use of herbs, medicines and healing crystals most citizens lived to an advanced age. Its scientific technology and mastery of the oceans and air were the envy of other nations; having been descendants of Star Children many blessings and benefits were theirs.

But over time, a decay set in. Atlanteans became more and more focused on the material aspects of life. Slowly, many turned away from the Law of One and the need to share with each other and sister nations. Greed and personal excess became a way of life; for most, the way of the heart was forgotten.

Sadly, the priests of Temple Beautiful were major offenders in this decline. Having formed an inner circle, called the Sons of Belial, they conspired to gain control of government, unseat King Atlan and rule the earth with an iron hand. Their plot centered on using the Great Crystal to ascend to the very Throne of God; filtering the Sun’s light and energy, the Great Crystal had miraculous life altering capacity, and they sought to use it to become beings of Light with unlimited power and strength. For the very Throne, at the center of the galaxy, is pure energy with universes of creative potential; this is the point of Origin and each of these conspirators sought to become Gods, eternally living in the body.

And when the Sons of Belial, took control of the Great Crystal, the Sons/Daughters of the Law of One fought back, eventually stopping them from working the Crystal to its full capacity. Yet in the struggle something happened, and the controls froze, causing the Crystal to heat-up, shatter and explode. This blast killed many and created major fissures in the earth below; leading to a final earth quake and resultant breaking up of the Island nation. And as the Island fell apart, the waves filled the land taking it back to the ocean from which it came. Not everyone perished in this catastrophe, some made it to ships and eventually to distant lands bringing their culture and the story of the Island collapse with them. For many years, the land surrounding where the Island sank, bore markings of this disaster; and over time the struggle between the Sons of Belial and the Sons of the Law of One fell into a faint memory.

Today, what you see about you is a replay of this ancient struggle between Darkness and Light. The Sons/Daughters of Belial have risen again wanting to take control of the land and remaking it in a way that suits their selfish design. These deceivers have plotted, situated themselves in key positions, using their fortunes to buy, control and sell others. Look closer at those in power for many have joined the Darkness owing their allegiance to these Ancient Deceivers.

This is a dangerous time and the descendants of the Sons of the Law of One are called to resist, with all their talents and skills, so the balance might again be restored.



This retelling is based upon material in an unpublished manuscript: S. Bitkoff, Law Of The One, which chronicles Atlantis’ spiritual fall from Grace.


Thanks to my brother Jeff who many years ago presented this version to me. Jeff offered, “This was the way he heard the story.”


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