If you have ever wondered what it is like to have a chronic, painful illness for which there is no cure; this piece gives a snapshot of what many days/hours are like.  Please note, it was not written to illicit sympathy or receive suggestions on treatment; it was written to describe part of my daily reality. O spiritual traveler, may your days be filled with sunshine and good health.

Pills of Forgetfulness

I sit and look out my window and watch the occasional vehicle go rushing by. People always in a hurry; my days of rushing to and fro are far, far behind me. Now I sit and watch others ‘with their important lives,’ having someplace they need to go.

Once I was like this.  Now the only place I need to be is beside this window trying to decide when to take my medication to ease the pain that flows through my body. These pills help in one way-reduce some of the misery- but take me to a desolate place; robbing me of desire and physical ability to do things.

At this moment, which haze do I wish to live in?

And when I turn to that other station in my mind, focusing on the transcendent, I can only sip of this nectar for a short time. Eventually, my mind throbs and my body aches again, calling me back to this window and pills of forgetfulness.



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About Teachings

When a Teaching is given it is both transcendent or universal and specific to time and place.  Usually offered to a targeted audience or person but also containing a message (Light) for others.  This combination of factors confuses people.  To some it may appear as a contradiction. Wondering how a Teaching can be both things […]

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How to Measure the Outcome of a Life?

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Solution to Complex Problems

In solving problems, people look for one step solutions. We regularly search for and propose singular approaches to often very complex problems. Now this technique works sometimes, where one adjustment or change results in a useful outcome. We must recognize this is the way our mind works: looking for the most expedient, uncomplicated remedy. Yet, […]

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Seeing reality and what is before you, at times, is very difficult. Most of our life we go through each day working, striving and creating. Then one day, we are confronted by the reality that all our strivings, while important and useful at the time, must be left behind.  Before us is a great chasm […]

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Deep, Deep Stillness

Spiritual states are like fine caresses; they are states of consciousness which come and go, and for the spiritual traveler are to be experienced then left behind. They are a joyful time of Union and learning; an opportunity to experience our transcendent self and the Light of Being. Deep, Deep Stillness Give me the peace […]

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A few minutes ago, Lea asked me how I was doing.  I replied: FUBAR (F_cked-Up Beyond All Repair). This saying, I believe comes out of WW 2 describing how American soldiers felt the Army routinely messed things up.  In my case, I was describing, physical chronic pains and as Lea has multiple issues as well, […]

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A wise man once told me the following, and over the years, this observation has served me well; particularly when I am not pleased with an outcome. “Sometimes, it’s not a matter of what you want to do, but what you can do.” Think about it.

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Blaming God/Light

Many people are fond of blaming God/Light for their problems; others implore Deity for good health and safe passage throughout their life. Yet I wonder how helpful all of this activity actually is? It seems to me that there are natural laws which govern many things and people are free to create their own lives […]

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Some Thoughts On Spiritual Writing

The following is a discussion generated by a letter from a reader of my new book: The World of Pond Stories; this recent inquiry offers an opportunity to have a discussion about the dynamics of spiritual writing and my experience while writing. Hope you enjoy this interchange.   Inquiry Letter About Spiritual Writing Hi Stewart: As […]

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