Timeless Conflict

by stewart

Since the beginning this struggle has been with us.

There is an Ancient Darkness upon the land. Long has this Evil been in the shadows and now has emerged, full blown again, to challenge the way we live.

Many are those who have taken-up with this Shadow World and wear the Mask of Deceiver; they are all about us and have been here for a long time doing their work. That is why our world continues filled with chaos, sickness, misery and hate. Their biggest weapon is fear and confusion they create; often setting one group against another. This distraction is purposeful so we will not look their way.

Rise up O Children of the Light; tend the flame, shatter the Darkness and use all your abilities to Climb Higher. That is the part we play in this timeless conflict; now is our time.

Assistance will arise from the Unseen Forces, and each must raise a sword.



Book Review: Songs Against The Darkness

Sufis say that the only people who can really understand Sufi Literature are those who no longer need what it contains. Everyone else can profit from Sufi writings. “You cannot understand unless you have experienced “they say, “but we have been raised on words, and words can be used to connect the inner and outer […]

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2 Reviews: Songs Against The Darkness

Enjoy the following 2 reviews of my new book. Review #1 by A M Gently branched into two separate yet related short books, Songs Against the Darkness is an engagingly insightful assortment of precious and relevant human experiences. The first book Rosetta’s Stone takes us on an explorative adventure through a woman’s intimate and insightful […]

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Looking Back

Looking back. Now-a-days I find myself looking back Almost as much as my being in the now Or looking toward the future. I don’t know if this is a sign that I have grown old Or that I have too much time on my hands.   Looking back across my many memories I am reminded […]

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Announcing My New Book: Songs Against The Darkness

A Book For Today’s Dark Times We are living in a dark, tumultuous time and, according to the wise, are transitioning from darkness into Light. At the time of this writing, our world is experiencing great suffering, death and fear; everyone caught in a pandemic which is threatening hundreds of millions physically, emotionally and economically. […]

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Helping & Working Together

If people want to know why the world is the way it is, from my view (which is a very ancient one), some people are consistently putting their need ahead of the need of others. While it is natural to think of oneself, and act in our best interest, there comes a time when helping […]

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Pain As Task Master

When pain and illness enter All of our fancy philosophy About good and evil, life and death Fade like morning mist On a hot summer afternoon.   In that moment, all we want Is for the pain and illness to leave And that we might be whole again.   Pain is a most cruel and […]

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“The Ferryman’s Dream” and other works by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

I am sharing this Facebook piece by fellow spiritual traveler, Gordon Rumson. From time to time, Gordon shares the work of different artists and in this piece shares his view of some of my work. “The Ferryman’s Dream” and other works by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff Having read this book several times, I think I can […]

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Making Decisions

Here is a Hypothetical to Consider You go to a Flea Market and see an old coin that you purchase for $!0.00. That is the price designated by the vendor and you do not haggle over the price; the vendor is happy to receive full payment. Because of your experience you suspect that it is […]

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Being Gone

I was here for awhile To help answer questions. Now I am gone.   The majority: Never knew I was here Or that I left.   If you need my writing I have left behind Several notes.   Perhaps, you will find them useful. -SB

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USA, Mass Shootings and Reaching Higher

The last few days have been filled with NEWS about the Mass Shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Watching TV coverage I over heard the Mayor of Dayton indicate that this shooting was the 250th Mass Shooting in the USA; while it is difficult to determine how accurate this number and there is […]

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