I am older and recall a time in the world of cars, when planned obsolescence was a focus. In past decades, typically, Detroit designed a car to begin needing regular repair at 50 k miles and it was rare that a vehicle reached 100 k without a major problem.

It occurs to me, that several forces in our world have taken this concept and applied it to people. We all know that we were designed to have a finite life but I realize more each day that people have been targeted with disease and a decaying environment so they can hobble along needing services that make others big money. Just look at the pharmaceutical industry- pills that don’t cure and give you other physical problems. A medical system designed to keep you alive rather than cure. An environment and food chain that has been corrupted and contributes to people’s illness. I can go on, but you need to come to this realization on your own for it to be most effective.

So when your body is aching, your mind is foggy and you wonder why you are no longer ‘kicking it.’ It is not routine old age- you are a planned target of obsolescence and slow decay. Fall apart gradually so we can make money providing services, and while you are absorbed in just trying to survive- we can continue to run our game.

So what to do about it? There is emerging a revolution in thought, consciousness and action that a battle is going on. A battle between good and evil and that people must speak out and resist what has been placed on them. Shed the chains of the way we have been living, controlled and governed; reach Higher and go toward the Light. Making selves and the world better. Work on your self and help the people around you- this will result in better things for everyone.



You Always Make It

One day, when I was overly worrying about something and not sure if events would be favorable, my father offered these words. You know, he said, when I was younger and anxious if I would be successful in a situation, somehow, I always was. Sometimes, things were messy and painful but I always made it. […]

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Stages In Life

There are different stages in life. I am at that stage where things are being whittled down to essentials. What was useful and necessary earlier on, is no longer necessary and is added weight. It has little to do with age- more like where you are in your journey. Getting down to essentials: a process […]

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Universality of Spiritual Teachings*

Usually a teaching or a specific set of techniques and principles is for the individual and does not necessarily transfer to the larger population. That is why, in part, teachings we see today work for some people and not others; working part and not all of the time. Most teachings are situationally locked and not […]

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Withered Fruit

In some ways, I am that berry that has stayed long on the vine. My ripe days in the sun have past. Watching others get picked and moving on has left me tired and heavy-hearted.   Is there a recipe that calls for a withered fruit. This I do not know and wonder; will I […]

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The Garden Again

​Sometimes I live in a fantasy; a world of my creation where people are more generous kind and helping others. It isn’t that this generosity and good spirit does not exist; It’s that we need more of it, and I am saddened by the ill feeling and conflict in so many areas.   I see […]

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Gods & Aliens

Over 50 years ago, when we first began on the spiritual Path, I asked our Teacher the following question about God, the Light and Extra-Terrestrials: with their potential influence on early knowledge and our present day lives. This question and answer occurred long before TV Shows such as “Ancient Aliens” and UFO documentaries. Q: If […]

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At Sunset

Typically at sunset, the day’s activities wind down and people prepare something to eat. For many, as the evening progresses, it is a time to pause and reflect upon what was accomplished and left undone.   For the spiritual traveler, the hour approaches when daily responsibilities are complete and it is time to go inward- […]

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Your Center

That which Created the endless universes filled with countless worlds teeming with innumerable forms of life in limitless dimensions, placed a part of Itself in you so that, as you travel, you would always know where you came from and where you are going.   Daily connect with this part; it is your center and […]

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Clash of Opposites

Perhaps it has always been this way? A world torn apart by conflicting agendas but I was too distracted by work, family and individual goals to notice. At sunset, now that I have a bit more time I see the corruption, greed, hunger and corresponding beauty and love a little more clearly. A clash of […]

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Nature’s Nightdress

A white blanket Is upon the land. Slowly fallen Without a sound. I walk on nature’s nightdress Knowing I shall sleep. And in the morning I will arise To the spring flowers. -SB

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