I just read an article entitled, ‘Keep Your Focus,’ in AARP Bulletin, Vol. 58, No. 10, which is published by American Association of Retired Persons and they were discussing the use of Smartphones on our thought and personal focus (attention).  This article indicated that the average American touches their Smartphone over 2617 times per day; that works out to over 109 times per hour and nearly 1.82 times per minute; when you factor in hours of sleep, when we are not using our phone, the number of touches per minute goes up.

I wonder if 1.82 times per minute is more times than the average adolescent boy thinks about sex or the average ascetic during meditation repeats the Holy Name?

Years ago, I remember reading a book which described one monk’s spiritual journey as continually repeating the Holy Name; this spiritual traveler who reported this practice, of repeating the Holy Name, helped him reach a higher state of consciousness. This repetition, over time, became internally automatic.  As reported, after a time of continual repetition, there was a part of his consciousness that just took over and God/Light was all he thought about.

We all must be vigilant concerning what we put in our minds; too much of just about anything, including Smartphone use, can disrupt our balance and take our attention to places that become very troublesome.



Wisdom Journey

Wisdom is a catalyst, That improves your life. It can arrive in different forms: Such as words, deeds, experience or instruction.   While many are sent to help along the way, Ultimately each traveler is responsible for themselves And their own wisdom journey. -SB

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The Secret Meaning of Reincarnation Theory

“The Soul passes, from the Deity, into the gross material world.  It then has to return to the Godhead by successively passing through six phases: Angels, Demons, Men, Quadrupeds, Birds, and Reptiles.” This statement found in traditional teachings, has been assumed by literalists and those without insight, to mean that members of the human race […]

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Getting Out of the House

An acquaintance and I were talking about retirement: some of the pros and cons.  He mentioned that he wanted to work another 5 years or so: he could use the money and after so many years on the job, he was really good at what he did. Looking back, I said, I wish that when […]

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Reluctant Traveler

If you live long enough, Life will take you down roads You never would have walked: If it were solely up to you.   And in the traveling You may yell, cry, and scream And even laugh; It is all part of the journey. -SB

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Grandmother’s Blessing

The other day I was reaching for a way to express, in part, some of my feelings about what is currently going on all around us- the tremendous turmoil from so many directions.  From my focusing inward this appeared; I guess one way to summarize this piece is that the old ways are making way […]

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When You Destroy Hope

This is for those who are being trampled by a health system that doesn’t cure- with medications which cause more illness, a disability system that doesn’t help and a political system that is corrupted by greed. I remember a doctor friend of mine offering: “If you want to control a population, one way is to […]

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Race Is Run

When the race is run And you have won and lost What is there left to discover? It was in the running Was the joy. -SB

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How High We Can Climb?

Yesterday as I was waiting in line at the grocery store, it occurred to me that life has a way of coming full circle.  As I struggled with physical pain and growing impatience waiting, compounded by persistent aches, I remembered back to when I was a community worker helping severely disabled mentally ill people.  Often […]

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Touched The Robe

Ultimately this life is about you and what you want and wish to accomplish.  Life is something you make-up as you go along and is dependent upon multiple factors. The key to all of this is who you are and how you react to various stimuli- always you are a central focus. A paradox is […]

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Unique Filter

You are a unique filter through which this world enters.  Therefore by definition, your experience will be different than others, and because you are also part of the human race at other times the same.  How then do you always expect to agree with everything you see, hear about and read?  Also we must remember, […]

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