Your Own Answer

by stewart

As the sun falls below the horizon

and the flowers close to the evening cold

my heart turns

to That which brought us here.


Here there is much beauty

and much struggle:

that is the nature of this experience.

Darkness and Light- why all the ups and downs?

To this, you must find your own answer.


While there are many paths and many answers

to be truly satisfied you must walk your own way.

You asked the question and you must answer it.

The striving of others will take you part of the distance

but then you must have personal experience and knowledge.


Fear not, each is Given what they need

and, in time, your own inner knowing will come forward;

for that too is the nature of this experience.



In My Time

In my time on this planet I have tried to bring you Closer; To offer up a fresh taste of the Essence That gives Life to all things.   Why do you turn your head. Do you not believe That this is possible. To join with the Timeless, Sustaining, Essence that gives everything Its Form […]

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Ramblings On Communication

I don’t get many personal phone calls or e-mails anymore. Much of this is my own doing and some of it due to circumstance. Of the calls and e-mails I get, a lot are from people trying to sell something or scam. Numerous relatives, friends and contemporaries are no longer with us, and not being […]

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Summer Heat

As we approach Memorial Day, people are preparing for summer: lawns are getting cut, swimming pools are being set-up, dogs receive summer cuts, students are graduating and people walk around in shorts and tank tops. Personally, as it warms up, I steer away from the heat of the sun and stay in doors a lot- […]

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Short Subjects (3)

Improving The Camp Site One of the teachings around camping: leave the camp site better than when you found it. The carry-over: take ‘improving the camp site’ to the larger world. Make your personal contribution and role in society that which improves self, family and your community/world. -SB Republicans & Democrats What if there were […]

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Observations On Conformity

“Even the non-conformist conforms to non-conformity.” Initially, don’t remember who said this, and in a sense it is true. These are the 2 main terrestrial forms that are part of our present Design and, for the most part, make-up our range of choice. However for the spiritual traveler there is a third option; one foot […]

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Planned Obsolescence

I am older and recall a time in the world of cars, when planned obsolescence was a focus. In past decades, typically, Detroit designed a car to begin needing regular repair at 50 k miles and it was rare that a vehicle reached 100 k without a major problem. It occurs to me, that several […]

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You Always Make It

One day, when I was overly worrying about something and not sure if events would be favorable, my father offered these words. You know, he said, when I was younger and anxious if I would be successful in a situation, somehow, I always was. Sometimes, things were messy and painful but I always made it. […]

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Stages In Life

There are different stages in life. I am at that stage where things are being whittled down to essentials. What was useful and necessary earlier on, is no longer necessary and is added weight. It has little to do with age- more like where you are in your journey. Getting down to essentials: a process […]

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Universality of Spiritual Teachings*

Usually a teaching or a specific set of techniques and principles is for the individual and does not necessarily transfer to the larger population. That is why, in part, teachings we see today work for some people and not others; working part and not all of the time. Most teachings are situationally locked and not […]

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Withered Fruit

In some ways, I am that berry that has stayed long on the vine. My ripe days in the sun have past. Watching others get picked and moving on has left me tired and heavy-hearted.   Is there a recipe that calls for a withered fruit. This I do not know and wonder; will I […]

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