During the course of my life I have worried about many things. Anxiety/worry is an integral part of the human condition; being fearful, harm will befall those we love, our self, or events will not work out the way we want. Also fear serves as a warning, putting us on alert status, helping to protect.

Traveling a spiritual path does not free one from the struggles and fears of daily life. Spiritual learning and awareness, in part, is a personal tool useful for a multitude of purpose; and helps minimize time in the worry zone, often enabling the traveler to see things more clearly.

Many times fear/anxiety blind us from perceiving what is actually going on, and must be pushed aside like an old, tired and worn out shoe. Seeing what is actually in front of us, instead of what we have been conditioned to see, is a sign of spiritual maturity.



A Biblical Resemblance

In the part of the US where I live, this summer, it seems as if it has rained just about every day. Going weeks without sun; probably setting weather records of sorts. After awhile, all this rain, wind and darkness gets on my nerves and stimulates my fear response; wondering if we will lose electrical […]

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Journey With Hope

Sometimes when considering problems, because of our finite nature, it appears as if there are no further solutions and our prayers will not be answered. Yet because there is another level- the world of spirit with its boundless love and mercy- there is always tomorrow, endless possibility and another sunrise. Travel on my brothers/sisters- in […]

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Unlearning & Conditioning

Traveler: It is said, that in order for the spiritual traveler to reach their goal, first, they must unlearn much of what they have been taught. What is meant by this? Master: Each person’s consciousness is a mosaic; a series of shifting patterns. Some thoughts arise from our biologic nature, directed at physical survival and […]

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Everything Is Spiritual

As basis and throughout its fabric, all life is spiritual. The Creator, through spiritual ether, generates the physical, and everything is connected through both the worldly and spiritual- providing awareness and life energy. Consequently, all life within the physical world exists simultaneously on multiple levels of physical and spiritual reality; each of these two dimensions […]

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Radio Show Appearance, 6/6/18, 8- 9 pm

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff Radio Show Guest Appearance: This Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 8-9pm EST, Mystic Living Today, “Natalie Meets the Authors,” An Interview with Dr. Stewart Bitkoff To Listen Visit: www.blogtalkradio.com/starzcast  Join Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, award winning author, authority on Sufi learning, Wednesday 6/6/18, 8 pm EST, as Mystic Living Today’s radio talk show host, Natalie, interviews the […]

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Yin & Yang

Often life on this planet is ‘a bitch.’  One moment is carefree- the next is filled with struggle, pain and death. Bob Dylan said it best, ‘he who isn’t busy being born is busy dying.’  Yes, the decay is progressive- we are all headed to that ‘hole in the ground.’  Some of us slowly and […]

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What The Mystic Knows

There is a life giving and sustaining element in the Universe that is pure creative energy.  It is in everything, has consciousness and is the basis for what we know as Reality.  It has a potential and endless ways of expressing itself; part of this energy is in you and me: it is the inner […]

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Friendly Quiet

People’s ability to communicate with me via electronic applications has long exceeded my ability to communicate with them. I’m just unable to keep-up with this constant chatter. Doctors with their patient friendly portals- all different; business e-mails from web-pages announcing daily sales; I could go on and on but you all know what I am […]

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Benefits of Spiritual Learning

Sometimes travelers along the Path think they will be free of life’s trials and struggles.  Believing a worldly advantage over problems is a benefit of spiritual learning. It is not like this.  Spiritual learning/striving is in addition to all of life’s ups and downs.  This learning, in some ways, affords the traveler an additional tool […]

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New Reviews: The World of Pond Stories, Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Book Review, 5 Star Absent from ‘The World of Pond Stories’ by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff are politically-polarizing statements that these days pass for mainstream discussion and describe the plethora media sound bites that seemingly inundate my day to day life. In other words, reading these stories was a refreshing reprieve from the endless cycle of […]

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