The Song Bird

by stewart

Traveler: “Master, please help me.  I have pondered the question and my mind aches from trying to work out the answer.”

Master: “Little one, the mind was not created to work out the answer; the answer comes from the heart.  The mind’s job is to ask.  Since you have worked, struggled, and now requested assistance, I will provide the answer.

It matters not to the songbird

If other birds are there to hear its song.

The song and sweet melody

Arise from the heart and the notes must be sung.

The mountains, lakes, flowers and streams

Sway to the bird’s song;

They listen with an inner ear.

It is the same

With a person’s life.

Each has a song to sing

And it matters not

If others are there

And hear the tune.

For it is the song of creation.


This song must be sung

And in the singing is the joy.

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