Life & Video Games

by stewart

When the end is in sight, many things go through your mind. Experiences, friends, successes, and failures fill the consciousness. Yet, the heart smiles at all of this; for you see, it knows the Goal and has been through this journey before.

The Great Wheel of Life keeps turning so we can experience ourselves and the Infinite in many different ways.  Like a video game, with level upon level, until we save the Princess- who is our selves. What people forget is that this journey or game can be accomplished in a second, 1000 years, or over and over again. Or we can play a totally different game and have an alternate experience, altogether.

It is totally up to us and there are no lasting penalties or rules about how many times you can play.

Often, because of the game’s experiences we are filled with fear, pain, and anxiety. The nature of our flesh is to perish, but in the mean time have a grand old time. For this game station is all your own: complete with pleasure, disappointment, success, failure, tastes, smells, friends and relatives, heroes and villains.



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