The Right Way

by stewart

Turtle was thrashing about in the pond and splashing water higher and higher into the air.  Grasshopper called out, “Turtle, what are you doing? You can’t swim about like that for very long; soon you’ll get tired!”

Turtle called back, “I’m not swimming. I’m trying to catch flies!”

Grasshopper laughed, calling back, “How can you catch flies splashing water high into the air? Don’t you know it isn’t done that way?”

Turtle replied, “It doesn’t matter what you think; it’s what the fly thinks that is important.”

The Lesson

Many times, we are imprisoned by our thoughts and the way we are taught to look at things (solve problems).  Often the traveler who thinks outside the box- is considered a madman.

Turtle is showing grasshopper, there are many ways to solve a problem (catching flies); clearly, as in this case, some ways are better than others.


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