Book Review: Adventures In Sufism: A Memoir by Michael Greenstein

by stewart

Book Review:     Adventures in Sufism: A Memoir

By Michael Greenstein

This is a wonderful book for any spiritual traveler who wishes to glimpse an insider’s view of what takes place in A Sufi Mystical School. Michael and I are life long friends and we shared many of the experiences described in this memoir. I strongly urge you to pick-it-up and enjoy the fragrances from the mystical bouquet.

Our teacher used to say: To Refuse the Gift is to Refuse the Giver.  In this book, there is an old treasure waiting and you are encouraged to sip of this very ancient, life altering elixir.

With Michael’s autobiographical account, the traveler is provided with a rare view of the Sufi mystical path and combination of spiritual and every day life experiences which are interwoven to help create the completed person. This is an insider’s view of spiritual learning; interchanges between Master and student, and how this learning impacted his life.

Also, as one of the other travelers who shared common experience: This was the right time, with the right people, and in the right place.

Pick-up, read this book and you will learn about religion: long before there was such a thing as formal religion, and how this knowledge is a nutrient to enrich your life.    This is a 5 Star Read.

Cost: $12.99                Adventures in Sufism by Michael Greenstein

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