The Rarest Fruit

by stewart

This world is a shadow of the world to come. Just as we have work in this world, so, we have work in the next.  Do you think you cease to exist because you stop breathing?  Ours is a journey of many stops, vacations and ports of call. We are citizens of the universe and have a passport to all the worlds; all we need do is connect with our own, inner magical element.

A Rare Fruit

Let me tell you a story about a magical, miraculous, rare fruit.

Once there was a traveler who went on a journey. This traveler was searching for a rare fruit to quiet his/her unease.  He/she knew he had a sickness and he knew there was a cure, but he did not know the fruits name or where it could be found. So he went from town to town, sampling different fruits and hoping to find this rare, miraculous food.

Similarly each of us is on a journey. The malady is incompletion and the cure or fruit is God/Light.  There are many worlds left for us to travel and in each world we will experience God/Light in another way. Then one day, we will come to the last town and the last fruit and realize all of these experiences were God/Light and we failed to realize it. Then God will open the door and let us in.

Do you think it really matters how many possessions we own?  Is it really important, that is of lasting importance if we get that promotion at work or not?  What is really important is our effort toward God and those we help along the way.

Helping Others

During the course of our stay in this realm, there will be many opportunities to help others. Take them. These are the fruits and they will bring us closer to God.  Helping others comes in many forms; so, do not limit our capacity to help others. All people will not come to us for the Name of God. Give them what you can and what they need. Do not limit yourself or them. The hand extended to another, in time of trouble, is the Name of God.

Just as there was existence prior to this phase, so, there will be existence after it. Life is simple; it is traveler’s who complicate its purpose by listening to their needs instead of the needs of others. He/she, who listens with their heart, listen with the ear of God.

Creating Reality

To a certain degree, each traveler chooses their own reality and helps create it.  We are giant magnets which pull events toward us and help create our own existence. These patterns, or reality, often enslave us and fortunate is the traveler who pulls God toward them self. For God is liberating and transcendent.

God gave us existence so we might one day share in Kingship and help to enact the Divine Plan. God/Light is all giving and each of us, in turn, must be like this, if we seek proximity to the Lord. All manner of things are possible in this Universe and he/she who is most like God is he/she who is most loving and kind.

Journey of Light

This journey exists for our benefit. We must leave this world and go onto the next.  Do not be sad. For as we leave the next world, so, there will be another after it. This is a Journey of Light and happiness. We are returning to the Source and He/She has been waiting a very, long time.

The age in which we live is one of transition and turmoil. It is a period of change; as are all periods in human history. Yet this time is special. It is our hour to change and grow more complete. Do not worry about those around you. In this realm, take the steps which are necessary for you to reach completion. Ultimately, that is the reason for our existence and will be the reason we are called to the next place.

Travel Beyond Worry

Do I make myself clear? Stop worrying about this life. The time for that is past. Now it is time for action and Love. Give to your neighbor. Give to your friend. Share in King/Queen ship with the Lord. We are a child of Light. We are a governor of a vast, personal kingdom; the kingdom of our own soul. Once we learn to govern our self, other worlds shall be given to us.

Reach higher and God will extend His/Her hand.  Do not fear. We waste time with fear. In this realm, shed the clothing of our former life and live the life of the soul. Do the work of the next world in this one and we shall reach spiritual completion.  If the fruit of our labor is God/Light, then, we will be a King/Queen among our fellows.

Accept Who We Are

Accept responsibility for our life, then, we will be able to accept it for others. We cannot help others unless we have found that part of our self which is lasting and is the eternal self. The eternal self knows what another traveler truly needs and is the ear which listens to the Source.

Do not give away that which is ours. We can control our base desires. We can hold back our downward pull. Be strong. Exert our self and control our destructive impulses. Remember use your time wisely. It is limited. Take time daily to focus on that which is lasting. Give our self this time with God. These are the fruits we carry into the next world and will help balance our life.


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Jones sabo irrespective of May 3, 2013 at 4:58 pm

I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing.


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