Minstrel to the Stars

by stewart

And so the Timeless enters;

Again, everything stands still.

I am One

With myself

And the Source;

And together we sway

To a Lover’s Dance.


For now, there is no time;

Only the Infinite

Opening to me

Like a gentle, warm rain

Upon a tropical land.

*          *

My body is trapped in this war;

Fighting an unseen enemy

Who fills me with pain.


Battle upon battle-

And yet the will to create,

And fly higher,

Lifts me from this battlefield.


Momentarily free, I soar above;

Feeling my pain below.

In this dance, I am both stone

And spiraling, spiritual mist.

*          *

Song upon song-

Who will dance with us?


Minstrel to the stars-

I sing out joyfully;

Sharing my love

With all the heavens.



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