The Great Teacher

by stewart

Q:        In this age, many are awaiting the return of the Great Teacher.  Please speak to this prophecy.

It is prophecy that the Great Teacher will return and again turn hearts upward in remembrance.  As circumstance dictates, the Great Teacher will make public the Teaching.  Always it is the same spiritual teaching that is updated into a modern form. At present the work and teaching occurs on a spiritual level.

The teaching is that the great religions are all one and spring from the same source.  Mankind has forgotten to sip of this ancient river and experience the inner reality of God’s Love and Mercy through the Light.

We are all brothers and sisters and are most distant from our lasting spiritual nature when we forget to experience this reality.  This is the eternal teaching and how to accomplish this is the inner mystery teaching of the great religions.

When the Light is experienced on a daily basis, this experience is integrating and makes us whole, better able to serve.

Until the Great Teacher emerges, turn inward toward God, and ask to drink of God’s Love and Mercy.  For in the spiritual realm, there is no time and distance and the teaching can be made manifest at any time or place.

*          *

He Shall Walk


And he shall walk among us again.

His presence shall sing of breezes

From mountain streams;

Touching hearts with a loving caress.


All men and women shall bow before his majesty

And ask forgiveness for their fears.

He shall awaken a realization, never known,

Of the Creator’s Mercy.


Men and women shall weep in the arms of their fellows.

Nations that were parted

Shall be joined

And all people shall again be One

With the Father/Mother.

*          *


The Prophecy


Traveler:          Tell me of the Prophecy.


Master:            It is written

That all you see

Shall be destroyed

And from the ashes

He will arise.

The Dove

Shall be reborn.


He shall spread his wings

And gather together all of humanity,

Drawing each person to God’s Bosom.


Traveler:         Why is this terrible destruction



Master:            For many years

Humanity has failed

To follow the Laws

And like the babe

Who plays with the flame,

The heat must be experienced.

In the burning,

The Lesson shall be taught.


As the fire cleanses

Our hearts shall herald

The new world’s birth.


Traveler:         I am frightened.

Tell me of the new world

And ease my fears.


Master:            The mountains shall fall away,

The night shall bow to the day,

And each person shall awaken

To the Name of God

Caressing their lips.


From the Dove’s nest

Humanity shall be joined

In the One Religion.

And each man will be cherished

As part of the whole.

From the Creator’s Heart

This wondrous dream

Shall become reality,

And you will experience it all.

*              *

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