Conscious Evolution

by stewart

Q:       One of the questions that reoccurs and is a point difficult to understand concerns God’s apparent lack of interest in the world. The questioning mind wonders, why doesn’t God do something about the world mess? People are so cruel to each other. Why doesn’t God intervene and create heaven on earth?

There is a plan for humanity and it is evolutionary.  Over millennia, man is evolving to a higher spiritual condition.  In time, people will become fully conscious of who they are and their own limitless inner potential.

The earth phase, or physical realm, is the classroom where this development and learning occurs.  In order for progress to be accelerated, friction is required.  This friction is by design and is an essential aspect of many lessons.  It is this friction, pain and seemingly senseless destruction that people question.  Yet, all of this is part of the plan, until the collective learning is complete and humanity reaches higher.

Man is the creator of his own kingdom.  For the most part, our consciousness and daily actions are freely chosen.  In the morning, when we arise, we select many of the things we think about, eat and do.  Collectively, when choices are for the higher good, our race will have evolved to the next stage.  Until this point, individually, it is our responsibility to become fully conscious of who we are and our limitless potential to create.  Man is the microcosm and each is the Son/Daughter of a King.

*          *

Divine Friction

Master:     Clapping his hands, the Master called to the Traveler, “Now awake from the  slumber which has been your life and ask me the questions that fill your mind?”

Traveler:    Slowly opening his eyes, trying to acclimate to the world of forms, the    Traveler queried, “Master, I know you have spoken about the meaning of opposites many times, and how on a deep, inner level they are really connected; combining to form the fabric of our lives.  Yet, I am still confused; why must life be a series of ups and downs; happiness and sadness.  Why can’t life be a singular joyful experience of the Light?  Why is the world created both as a source of great joy and sadness?”

Master:     “The world is a multi-level expression of the Light; at their center, as you have just experienced, all things are connected and One; and once you have sipped of this Unity, your heart is joyful and triumphant- having tasted its home.  Yet, even with this proof, mind continues to question; for that is part of its job. Remember, darkness and light; joy and pain work together by creating a friction or resistance, sometimes clashing in upon themselves; this resistance, or unease, propels the traveler forward; always seeking and questioning- until the day, when the traveler experiences the singular, connecting, glorious spiritual Unity and answer. As one of the Servants of God has said, “gazing at the earth from the moon, all things -human wants and desires- are lost in the Oneness of this magnificent, multi-colored orb as it travels through the heavens.”

Traveler:  And as the Traveler sat and considered the Master’s reply; he realized anew,    in this journey, mind asks the question, and heart ultimately answers it.

*         *

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Alaysia March 11, 2013 at 6:57 pm

In a perfect world there would be nothing to strive for, no lessons to learn, and no dreams. I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet.


Emmanuel Karavousanos March 11, 2013 at 7:21 pm

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff is a professional but he is also a man who has reached a plateau of mind few others ever do. Though I have never met him, I recognize a higher awareness when I come across it.


Alaysia March 11, 2013 at 7:45 pm

I couldn’t agree more!


stewart March 11, 2013 at 9:07 pm

Glory to the One who has placed this song in our Hearts.


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