Soul’s Journey

by stewart


The soul is on a long journey back to the Source. Sent out into the Universe to experience and create; one day to return. The soul is comprised of a spiritual fabric and on an inner level, at its heart, maintains contact with Source and knows the reason for its journey. The task of the spiritual traveler is to connect with this inner knowing; daily using this knowledge and skills to make self and world a little better.

O Spiritual traveler, offered below are different aspects of this journey; may you enjoy these pieces and they prove useful to you.

In this world, because of the demands and pleasures
Of the physical body, many travelers loose sight
Of the soul’s long journey back to the Source.

Yet, if we are somehow able
To transcend this physical pull, even for an instant,
We are able to soar higher than the angels.

* *

The soul is a traveler of many life times and dimensional experiences. Not all of these are in the physical body. Many times these experiences and journeys take place in other worlds. The soul carries with it memory of these experiences and is a composite of layers/activities. In our present experience, for different reasons, often these memories/experiences are not consciously available.

The soul is on a return journey to Source and maintains a spiritual connection through its heart. This Connection can be brought into daily consciousness and for the spiritual traveler becomes a central part of their present existence. This connection is used to perform a number of tasks and duties which are in addition to living every day life.

After this life, the soul continues on its journey back to the Source having gained additional learning and opportunity to Serve. There are many worlds and dimensions left to explore, enjoy and participate in with those we meet and love.

A Drop of Water

What is the nature of the spiritual journey? What is its outcome?

Consider a drop of water, in its journey to the sea, and it undergoes change.

One day the drop is mist. The next it has become part of a passing cloud. On the third day, the drop falls onto the ground as a raindrop; eventually the drop seeps down into the earth and joins other drops as part of a mountain stream. Eventually this stream winds its way into a river and the river empties, along with the drop, into a mighty ocean.

Now this drop of water as it lies in the ground may be frozen for a time and in the spring thaw join as part of a lovely flower. In time the moisture in the flower evaporates back into the air and the drop, again, becomes part of a passing cloud. However, in this next cycle, it falls on the earth as part of a winter snow. Eventually the drop melts and seeps into the ground. Gradually it resumes the journey of finding its way to the mountain stream, river and ocean.

Throughout the journey, the drop changes many times, assumes different roles and learns about itself in a variety of ways. When it joins the ocean, the drop will be that much more complete and conscious of its potential.

In part this is the nature of the soul’s journey through the many worlds.

Upward Spiral

Many people think they come back

To this world over and over.

It is not like that.

The soul is on an upward spiral toward God/Truth

And with each journey,

Sheds the clothes of its former existence.

Electing to travel from world to world;

Making itself more perfect:

One day to join God/Truth

As Pure Radiant Light.

Transmigration of souls

Is on many levels:

Not just in the earth phase.

Fragrance of Life

The flowering of spiritual learning, service, and maturation is as an independent soul that is free of religion, sects and paths. It is a flower of pure love that seeks to express itself in everything that it does. This Love is from the Higher Universal Source and is part of a much larger garden where all flowers are Children of Light.

We have sought to express aspects of this flowering in written form; and its fragrance has carried onto the breeze to distant lands. This universality is a natural thing and must be perceived through your Heart.

Stop trying to experience these words through the workings of your mind- learn to drink in their perfume: which is your own eternal essence and the fragrance of all life.

This is the flower that is offered to you. Why do you hesitate? Of course, His/Her Garden is large enough.

This is the spiritual traveler’s journey and has been our journey since the beginning of time.

* *

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