On Following ‘The Sufi Way’

by stewart

This is in response to a question that was indirectly posed again today and offers some clarity about the ‘Sufi Way.’

Early on we were taught, this is the Way before there were religions. It is the ancient Path of Knowing and Experiencing the Light. It is the Super Highway to God/Light and, through the Grace of this Path, it is possible to accomplish in one life time which usually takes many.

By following this Way, which existed long before there was a name attached to it (Sufi), you will follow/experience the heart of all religions and become a better Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu.

For at their very center (on a spiritual level), all the religions are One.

And over the course of your journey, God Willing, you will become a Spiritual Traveler (this is my own designation/name).

Remember, this Way, is not for everyone; many cannot understand/accept it. For all people, there is a Way and each person has their own destiny. In this respect, one Way is not better than another; people are different and therefore Ways are different.

Our Way, is the Way of Surrender and Love; requiring a preparation of sorts and the coming together of different factors. Some of these factors include: right time, right place and right people.

As God Wills, may your Way be glorious.


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