Snail’s View

by stewart

Two snails were having a race up a rock.  The first snail said, “I’m the fastest creature who ever lived.  No one has ever been faster!”

The second snail thought, as he raced up the rock, “If I can keep-up with this fellow, then, I too will be the fastest creature who ever lived.”

After a very long, long, time both snails arrived at the top of the rock at precisely the same moment.

Then both snails started down the rock to tell the whole snail world of their speedy exploits.

The Lesson 

  • In your own mind, you might be the fastest creature (snail) alive; until along comes an ant and shows you real speed.
  • No matter your personal view of reality, there is always a larger, grander view. 
  • The reality of a situation may be much different than you imagine.


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