Reviewers Wanted: New Book- The World of Pond Stories, By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

by stewart

For your short review that will be used for publicity purposes and on Amazon, I will forward an e-copy of new book which is due out after 1/10/18 (287 pages).  Contact me if you are interested via the online form or my page on Facebook. Thanks.

About The Book

The World of Pond Stories, introductory piece to the series, provides a look into a wondrous land where pond creatures live in harmony and, for the most part, work together to solve their problems.

These stories offer the opportunity for children and adult readers alike, to travel alongside amusing and delightful woodland characters that are expanding their hearts and minds. From “silver minnow catching” class; to humorous, yet meaningful exchanges among grasshoppers, turtles and dragonflies; to a mysterious quest with Master Turtle, you and the children in your life will enjoy reading about the spiritual journey of life in a unique and lighthearted way.

Come, swim in the richness of your own spirit and journey to a magical place called The World of Pond.

What One Reader Had to Say

Dr. B presents modern day fables and a fairy tale to entertain spiritual travelers of different ages.  Tired of reading the same old thing, stories filled with violence and ill will, then try this book for the entire family.  As you travel with the different pond characters through their struggles and triumphs, it will make you smile and even laugh. And perhaps learn a little more about yourself and the larger Pond, we call life.

-By ML, San Diego, CA, 1/3/18

About the Author

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff poet and spiritual traveler has written on the topic of the completed person and the original human development system.

Professionally, working to help the mentally ill integrate their altered states of consciousness into the physical world.

Please contact me via the online form or my page on Facebook.



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