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Traveler:    If the purpose of life is to join in Kingship with our Creator; then why weren’t we born with this awareness firmly fixed in our conscious mind?  Why do we go through the struggle or journey of trying to reach this realization? Wouldn’t it simplify things to have us born Awakened to this Reality?

Master:      Life is a journey; a multi-level experience full of different types of activity and learning.  In the activity of remembering, there is an act of creation. Usually in our daily life, when something happens that requires our attention, we forget again for that instant our relationship with the Creator.  Embroiled in our current life situation, trying to work it out, our consciousness fixes on the event and we loose again temporarily- conscious awareness of the Creator.

This re-creative process is the entire point of the journey; as we have free will and we again voluntarily choose to recall the Higher Awareness and return to it; each time re-creating ourselves- in the image of our higher self and the Creator.

In order to have this primary act of creation and remembering- first- we must have the act of forgetting.  Forgetting and Remembering are entwined and come from each other.

For many traveler’s, the Fundamental Realization, which I spoke of in my post The Foundation of the Way, is when the traveler first realizes the point of the Journey.  This is the initial act of remembering and as the traveler proceeds, seeks to remember as often as possible.  Daily this is achieved through activity like prayer, doing good deeds and focusing inward while participating in life’s events.  Through discipline, the grace of the Way, and our own growing inner cognition, gradually, this capacity matures and we remember in every activity. This is the condition of the Adept or Awakened One.

Continually life is a process of creation; everything we do is a creative act. In this daily activity, the traveler seeks to join in Kingship with the Creator and do everything consciously for the Higher Impulse.

Traveler:    I am confused, how can the act of destroying or killing be called an act of creation?

Master:        Even when we destroy something- we change it from its present form- this change is ‘creating’ it into a new condition or form.  Consider when you take the fish from a stream and turn it into dinner.  As you consume, what happens to the flesh of the fish?  Our nutritionists tell us that the flesh turns into energy which we use in our body; and we believe that the spiritual essence of the fish returns to the greater spiritual form, or Monad from which it drew its present life.

Yes. We are to participate in the daily affairs of the world. We are multi-level beings who come here to experience and learn.  All capacities and levels of consciousness are to be used to help in the daily flow of events; yet we will have missed the point if we fail to Remember.

Discussion: Remembering Who We Are

The fundamental process engaged in by the spiritual traveler is Remembering who they are and using this inner spiritual knowledge in every moment and activity.

Deep inside us all is the knowledge of our relationship to our Father/Mother- the King/Queen.  Temporarily by coming into this physical world and using our awareness to perform the duties of every day life, this knowledge is suspended for a time or as we call it- forgotten.  Yet it is still ever present and works on a deep inner level calling us forward to seek; until this awareness is brought to full conscious awareness through a period of spiritual development and training.

This knowledge of our birthright and inner connection to the Creator provides a magic wand to create, destroy and eventually help us become who we really wish to become. Each is the child of Royalty, and has within the regal capacity to choose, thus creating their own life and kingdom.

This is the journey.  This is the Path.  It is evolutionary to remember and, in that instant, become the highest version of ourselves.  For in that moment, we are one with the King/Queen; reaching upward with an act of individual creation.  For in this creative activity, we and the King/Queen are spiritually One.

Remember.  What you seek is already inside of you.  You were created spiritually perfect, that is the way you were supposed to be and remain perfect; but in this world have temporarily forgotten and suspended this wonderful Truth.  This forgetting was by Design so that you could again Remember; and again rise upward in Joyous Magnificence.

The King/Queen is all love; opening his/her arms to welcome us Home; when in daily life, we elect the higher portion of ourselves and turn toward Him/Her. Do not worry about your mistakes.  Do not worry about your failures.  They are part of the Design and fade in the King/Queen’s arms.  This journey is about Remembering who we are and using this knowledge to improve our daily life. It is not about fear and regret. These fade in the King’s Love. In each activity, it is about opening our self to the Creator’s Arms- reaching higher and living our birthright.

In your prayers and actions, daily return Home.  In each breath and movement, focus inward and seek to embrace your higher self.  This self is always in contact with the Beloved.  It is this aspect that has never forgotten and always Remembers who we are.

Thoughts to Ponder

A Diamond

  • Deep within the earth, over millions of years, the primal elements combine; heating and cooling, being tossed upward and weighed down.  Then one day, miracle of miracles, an extraordinarily rare and beautiful stone appears. Still waiting, covered in the earth, the stone needs to discovered and   brought-out by a miner; bringing it to a gifted jeweler for cleaning, cutting and polishing.  Finally completing the preparation, and setting the magnificent gem onto a fine ring to adorn the finger of a King. O traveler, do you believe this process of spiritual realization is any different for you or me?
  • All spiritual learning, or the road to enlightenment, begins by examining and understanding who Man/Woman is.  What is the higher potential of humanity?  What is this potential collectively and individually?  What does your religion or spiritual path have to say about each soul’s travel through the universe?  Can all these grand highways be wrong?

Quotes to Consider

  • And this is what you do not understand about Me.  You want to make Me the one and not the other.  The high and not the low.  The good and not the bad.  Yet in denying half of Me, you deny half of your Self.  And in so doing, you can never be Who You Really Are. I am the Magnificent Everything- and what I am seeking is to know myself experientially.  I am doing this through you, and through everything else that exists.  And I am experiencing My Self as magnificent through the choices I make.  For each choice is self creative.  Each choice is definitive.  Each choice represents Me- that is, re-presents Me- as Who I choose to Be Right Now.  -Neal Donald Walsch
  • “He is it that has made you vicegerents (deputy) of the earth.  If then any do reject God, their rejection works against themselves.”  -Koran 35:39


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