4 Poems

by stewart

And he went into the desert to find the answers.

He looked into the sky and began to ask,

And the days passed.


When no answers came

He looked across the land and asked again,

And the days passed.


When he realized the desert could not answer,

Tears from the heart began to fill his eyes.

And the tears fell like spring rain

Forming a small pool at his feet.

And he looked into the water

And watched the sands drink of his suffering.


Then the answers came.

*          *          *

The Child


And so they came

To see the child.

The miracle had occurred

And they were drawn

To share in the beginning.

Bearing gifts they came,

Singing praise to their King.


This child was born

To dance among humanity

And turn heads upward in remembrance.

And with His breath

This life began

And in each heart

A candle is waiting.


This child was born

To carry the flame.

*          *          *

And he shall walk among us again.

His presence

Shall sing of breezes from mountain streams

Touching hearts with a loving caress.


All men shall bow before his majesty

and ask forgiveness for their fears.

He shall awaken a realization, never known,

Of the Father’s Mercy.


Men shall weep in their fellows.

Nations that were parted shall be joined.

And all men shall be One

With the Father.

*          *          *

Religion may be compared

To a great river that feeds the land.

The river winds its way as a mighty force

And smaller tributaries are formed

To serve the distant regions.

Some are satisfied

To drink of the small stream

And forget they must travel

The river to its Source.


Beyond the river’s gate,

The Ocean is waiting.

*          *          *

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