Religious Form: Internal & External Reality

by stewart

Traveler:  Speak to me of the great religions, and why each states their Path is the only Way.  In the past, religious differences have led to wars, killing and fighting.  Why is this? 

Master: On an inner level, your religion is One Religion. Each religion is an aspect of the Divine. Like light as it filters through a prism, changing, twisting to fit the demands of time and place, the colors of the prism are beautiful and varied, but on inner level, the light is without color.

The Inner Teaching is that the great religions are One and spring from the same Source.  Mankind has forgotten to sip of this ancient river, and experience the inner reality of God’s Love and Mercy through the Light.

The original teachers, who were credited with founding the great religions, came here to instruct travelers about the ultimate nature of reality and offer a ladder to climb higher.  At the time of each revelation, and for that specific culture, this was intended to be the Way; often with the injunction, spread the news.  In time, the followers who wished to offer these wonderful truths to a wider audience, created a structure or religion to do this.

Over time, and through the influence of specific travelers, some with personal motive, individual teachings were stressed, omitted or even changed; in some systems what currently exists regarding specific teachings, in part, is only a manipulative form.  At a specific time and place, teachings were offered to different communities; hence teachings take into account differences and frame of reference of various cultures. Not all teachings automatically fit all travelers. That is why teachings are updated.  Teachings are kept vibrant by living teachers, and are specific to a present audience.

For many travelers, the great religions provide a structure from which spiritual learning begins. Through a specific presentation, the traveler is taught about their soul and spirit; and how to become a better person.  This learning provides a basis for life and a starting point for deeper study.  However, many travelers cannot see beyond their own individual learning structure and are slow to accept, other structures work for other travelers.

Often, a point not stressed is that there is an internal and external reality to religious form. Externally, a teaching is subject to individuality with limitations of time, place and even decay; yet internally the spiritual reality is vibrant and One with the Divine.

On a deep level, all religious teaching is unified; while specific external teachings may vary, internally they are spiritually One. Across time and space, the great religions are transcendent.

Recently the emphasis has been on external difference and some religions have not stressed deep, inner worship.  In our culture, that is the reason for the ground swell in exotic and experiential paths.  Here- there is an inner hunger. 

Since the beginning, religious difference has been used as a way to exert one group’s will over another. Usually, this was a manipulation, dressed in religious clothing to achieve power and property. All the great religions are holy. Does not the Father love all his children and provide a way for each.



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