A Call To Hearts

by stewart

When are we going to stop thinking in terms of religion, country, tribe, town, neighborhood, planet, business and I. When will we begin to think in terms of humanity and helping all people reach higher? Yes. It is natural to think about self, but when are we going to start thinking about and helping others? Feeding the hungry; giving care to the sick and dying; helping the young child to fight hopelessness; learning to use their abilities to help self and others.

Yes. We are all creatures of selfishness and selflessness. Again I ask: when will the day arrive when we think of our neighbor as our self and not compare what he/she is earning and consuming. Through electronic media, we live in open age where we can discuss our baseness and talk about the glory of rising above this lower nature; helping our fallen friends.

Again I ask: when will the day arrive when we actually do something to lift our self higher and in this process of reaching higher, lift our neighbor along with us?

It is only fear and a dark heart that stands in our way. We have before us unprecedented capacity to communicate with each other. This communication is provided through the internet, television and social media. When will all the people of this planet call out to each other and join hands; connecting hearts to make this is a kinder, more, humane planet.

Remember. It starts with you and me. Each day ask yourself: what did you do to help self rise higher and what did you do to feed the hungry or bring a smile to a suffering friend’s face? Stop thinking in terms of my religion, my job, my world, and my planet. Start thinking in terms of higher self and how we can help humanity reach higher.

Personal maturity arrives when we stop thinking so much about self and think and act for others. Too long through religion, country, town, business we have been taught to think of self and how we can personally benefit; now it is time to think of others and reach out across this planet so we all may benefit.

This is a call to hearts- a call to each heart that wishes to help their fallen brother/sister. O children of flesh rise higher and embrace the glory of helping others; so people will no longer go hungry, sick and be without home or without hope.

O children of tomorrow follow your heart; reach out each day and help your self and some one else reach higher. Remember this change starts with you and me.



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