Rare Jewels

by stewart

The allegory of a treasure hunt or a search for a hidden secret is an old one. While no real treasure may exist, in terms of jewels or gold, there is indeed a hidden factor.

The capacity to perceive, or analyze every day events in a different way is the ancient treasure. Hidden within each of us is an ‘organ,’ which under the proper circumstance perceives the real patterns which shape our lives.

This capacity to see past the ordinary is our birthright and is taught to those who are fitted for it.  The degree to which this capacity is awakened is in relation to the spiritual traveler’s need in service to others.

It becomes operational only as it is used to help others and give people what they need, not what they think they need. This is how it works.

Service at its highest level occurs when we are able to look at ordinary events and turn them into jewels which really benefit others.



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