Book Review: By Julian Hadlow

by stewart

Book: Beyond The River’s Gate, by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

“I’m giving this book 5 stars because there is something in it for everyone interested in spiritual matters.

Split into two sections, the first part is arranged in a question and answer format that gathers together a multitude of valuable insights not easily found in other literature, such as the nature of reincarnation, karma, death etc, and much more – all from the perennial wisdom point of view.

The later part of the book offers short stories and prose that help to reinforce ideas presented throughout the book, as well as encourage the seeker to look further.

Those just starting out will find the book gives direction, not only in answering “awkward” questions, but there are pointers sprinkled throughout the book on how to progress further.

Older hands will still find nuggets of information that sometimes get increasingly hard to find as we move up the ladder.”


Beyond The River’s Gate is availabe on in paperback, Kindle format or local bookstore.


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