Rare Fruit

by stewart

This world is a shadow of the world to come. Just as we have work in this world, so, we will have work in the next.  When we pass over, do you think we will cease to exist because we stop breathing?  Let me tell you a story.

Once there was a traveler who went on a journey. He/she was searching for a rare fruit to quiet his worry and unease.  He knew he had a sickness of the soul and he knew there was a cure; but he did know the fruit’s name, description or where it could be found.  So he went from town to town, sampling different fruits, hoping to find this rare treasure and cure.

Similarly each of us is on journey.  The malady is incompletion, fear and worry; and the cure, or fruit, is God/Absolute.  There are many worlds left for us to travel, and in each town we will experience God in another way.  Then one day, we will come to the last town and the last fruit and realize all of these experiences were God, and we failed to realize it.  Then God will open the door and invite us in- we have finally returned Home.

Do you think it really matters how many possessions you own?  Is it really important, that is, of lasting importance, if you get that promotion at work or not.  What is really important or lasting, is your effort toward God and those you help along the way. These are the rarest of treasures.

During the course of your stay in this world, there will be many opportunities to help others.  Take them.  These are the fruits and they will bring you closer to God.  Helping others- comes in many forms; so, do not limit yourself in how you assist others.  All travelers will not come to you for the Name of God.  Give them what you can and what they need.  Do not limit yourself or them.  The hand extended to another, in times of trouble, is the Name of God.

Just as there was existence prior to this phase, so, there will be existence after. Life is simple; it is traveler’s who complicate its purpose by responding to their need instead of the need of others. He/she, who listens with his/her heart, listens with the ear of God.

To a certain degree, each traveler chooses their reality and helps create it, every day.  We are giant magnets that pull others and events toward us and help create our own existence.  These patterns, or designs, often enslave us and fortunate is the traveler who pulls God toward them. For God is liberating and transcendent.

God gave us existence, so, we might one day share in Kingship and help to create the Divine Plan.  God is all giving and each of us, in turn, must be just like this if we seek proximity to the Lord.  All manner of things are possible in the universe, and he who is most like God, is he who is most loving and kind.


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