When Will the Champions Arise?

by stewart

People in this civilization are starving in the middle of plenty. This is a civilization that is going down, not because it hasn’t got the knowledge that would save it, but because nobody will use the knowledge.” 

Idries Shah, 1975


When Will The Champions Arise?

It is most interesting to note, that this prophecy or insight about the hungry: physically, emotionally and spiritually was offered in 1975. I believe I had been out of college and working just four years; also, it came after the unrest of the 1960’s.  During this period, I had no idea that personal excellence could be attained through higher knowledge; and this personal reaching higher, makes the world a better place one person at a time.

Again, we are seeing unrest all across the globe and wonder if it is too late to save our planet from the rape by greedy industrialists and politicians?

According to Shah, in our culture, this scientific, holistic and higher knowledge to restore the balance and feed the hungry physically, emotionally and spiritually has been available now for at least 40 years. So, where are the champions to make the changes? Where are the travelers that will do something instead of writing on blogs or complaining about the politicians?  Like the old man that I am, I too offer my fancy words, share them with others, yet, fail to take meaningful action.

O yes, have no fear, the champions will arise from an anger born of having their futures taken away from them. The young will take back by force, if necessary, what was stolen from them: a chance for a job, marriage, family, and freedom from taxation and excessive control by government.

Does this sound like a call to revolution?  Reference our own history and turn back the clock to 1776, and remember the lesson of yesterday.  After a period of abuse, neglect and violence upon the population, revolution is the natural outcome. By taking away travelers’ futures, through greed, corruption and personal interest; those in government and industry inflict violence against the people and earth mother, daily.

Keep in mind that after the balance is restored, if there is time to restore it, there will again be a period of holistic, balanced living.  Then the cycle of decay will set it again. And so turns the Great Wheel of Life.

Remember, this is your time and your place; make this moment work for you and the higher destiny of us all.


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