Prophecy: The Great Teacher

by stewart

Q:      In this age, many are awaiting the return of the Great Teacher.  Please speak to us of this prophecy and how all shall benefit.

After this period of upheaval and change, it is predicted that the Great Teacher will appear; and again turn hearts upward in remembrance.  As circumstance dictates, the Great Teacher will again make public the Teaching.  Always it is the same spiritual Teaching that is updated into a modern form. At present, for most travelers, this spiritual work and Teaching occurs primarily on a sub-conscious, deep inner level.

The Teaching is that the great religions are all One and spring from the same Source.  Mankind has forgotten to sip of this ancient river and experience the inner reality of God’s Love and Mercy; through the Light or Logos all will again become one family.

We are all brothers and sisters and are most distant from our lasting nature when we forget to experience this common spiritual reality, daily.  This is the eternal Teaching and how to experience this Reality is the inner mystery, teaching of the great religions.

Daily when the Light is experienced on a conscious level there is a miraculous change. This experience is integrating and makes us whole; better able to serve ourselves and others.

Until the Great Teacher re-appears, turn inward toward God, and ask to drink of God’s Love and Mercy through the Light.  For in the spiritual realm, there is no time and distance; and the Teaching can manifest at any time or place.

The Prophecy

And he/she shall walk

Among us again.

His/Her presence

Shall sing of breezes

From mountain streams,

Touching hearts with a loving caress.


All people shall bow

Before his majesty

And ask forgiveness

For their fears.

He shall Awaken

A realization never known

Of the Father’s Mercy.


Men and women shall weep

In the arms of their fellows.

Nations that were parted

Shall be joined.

And all men

Shall again be One

With the Father/Mother.



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