Prayer or Coincidence?

by stewart

Grasshopper was struggling to free himself from the crow’s beak, moaning all the while.  “Why me? Why do terrible things always happen to me?  Surely I will live only a few more moments. If I had lived there were so many things I wanted to do.”

Then Grasshopper offered up a prayer in the hope he would be saved. “O Great Grasshopper, if you will save me, I promise to correct my bad habits and do whatever you want me to do.  Surely I was not meant to die as take-out for some crow.”

Just then 2 crows who routinely made their living stealing from others, decided they wanted Grasshopper for themselves. So the 2 crows attacked, and in defending himself, the first crow dropped Grasshopper.  As Grasshopper fell to the ground, all 3 crows lost interest. The first crow had become angry and the 2 robber crows, now, had to protect themselves.

Luckily for Grasshopper, he fell uninjured into some tall grass and hid there until evening. Then, he started to make his way back to tell everyone how his prayer was answered, and he was saved by the Great Grasshopper.

The Lesson

  • Often in life there is a hidden dimension to outcomes and events.  The workings of the unseen world are mysterious and known only to a few.
  • In our story, is Grasshopper saved by the workings of the Unseen Forces or is it just business as usual for the robber crows?  They routinely patrol the meadow sky looking to steal another bird’s prize; and Grasshopper benefited from their raid.
  • Is this the hand of fate? Or simply coincidence? Dear reader, ultimately this is something you must decide; Grasshopper feels he was favored by his God.

At any rate, which ever you decide- divine intervention or coincidence; for me, it is too early in the game to kill off one of the main characters in The World of Pond series.



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