Larger View

by stewart

It was a beautiful morning and something told Turtle to take the back road to Pond.  As Turtle approached the giant sycamore, which stood on the north shore, he noticed the tree was lined with scores of cocoons.  As Turtle drew closer, he saw that the cocoons were breaking up and beautiful butterflies, slowly, through their struggles, were emerging.

Excitedly Turtle quickened his pace and drew within ear shot.  He overheard one butterfly say to another, “This struggle to break out was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. I should have stayed inside. It was so peaceful.”

A second butterfly replied, “O to me the struggle was beautiful. I was so happy to know, soon, I would be free. I was singing as a broke through the shell.”

Then a third added, “You two are both wrong. For me there was only the realization that I was fulfilling destiny. We are all part of the eternal perfection of the universe. To me, this was neither painful nor joyous. For me, breaking out was natural.”

And as Turtle sat behind the tree, he heard all manner of comments from the young butterflies as they emerged. Turtle also noticed, some could not break free and died in their struggle.

Later as Turtle slowly walked toward the Pond, he wondered, “Essentially there was only one event, the struggle to break free of the cocoon. Yet there were many views. Perhaps these individual experiences combine to form the larger view?”

The Lesson

  • This larger view, or inner connection, pulls together seemingly discordant factors into a mosaic or a design.
  • This inner connection and the capacity to experience a Higher Reality, has been called many things. Today, some call this view mysticism, Higher Knowledge, Spiritual Capacity and even Intuition.
  • This view doesn’t replace the other views, it integrates and helps take them further. Adding another layer, to help some, perceive their connection.


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Alaysia February 25, 2013 at 4:01 pm

I always learn valuable lessons from Turtle, thanks Stewart.


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