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Award Winning Author Dr. Stewart Bitkoff Releases Book Beyond The River’s Gate

March 2014, Pennsylvania, USA. Award winning author, Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, released his most recent book, Beyond the River’s Gate, which is available for purchase at A must read for all who seek a spiritual path, it offers a unique and in-depth analysis of spirituality and religion in a way that is sure to resonate with modern-day travelers.

Through his innate ability to explain religious and spiritual complexities, Bitkoff illuminates areas in which religious teachings are helpful or lacking. Further, he explores basic concerns that people have about the differences in religious forms, the spiritual journey, and its connection to challenges in the world today.

Comprised of two parts, the first encompasses 99 questions and answers covering a vast array of spiritual and religious topics percolating the minds of many, such as, Why are there so many religions?, Which religion is really “right, if any?,” What is spiritual experience?, Is spiritual experience the same as God or “the Light?,” How do I go about finding a teacher to guide me?, How can so many strong faiths co-exist?, among numerous other questions. The second section, presents stories, verses, quotes and observations to help further explain the interrelatedness of all religions and spiritual capacity.

In today’s world, travelers often get side-tracked, or confused by the excess of choices to study – from self-help movements to spiritual programs. As a result it is easy to get lost in the smaller stream, forgetting one must travel the river to its source, because past the river’s mouth, the ocean awaits.

With this book, it is Bitkoff’s hope that he will help others to travel beyond the river’s gate. What are you waiting for?

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About Dr. Stewart Bitkoff: Professionally Dr. Bitkoff spent his career helping others through strength based psychiatric rehabilitation. A spiritual traveler, he is a longtime advocate of Sufi mysticism and the perennial philosophy. He holds a doctorate in education and served on the faculties of multiple colleges and universities. In 2008, Spirituality & Practice Magazine designated Bitkoff’s, A Commuter’s Guide To Enlightenment, as one of the top spiritual books of the year, and his book, Sufism for Western Seekers, was nominated by Foreword Magazine for the “Adult Non-Fiction Religious Book of Year Award,” placing fourth. Bitkoff is a frequent contributor to numerous online venues, as well. To contact the author you can visit his blog where he contributes daily at, or email

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