by stewart

This piece is for a beleaguered Spiritual Traveler

Who has learned to see past the Illusion

And recognizes the world for what it is.




Been doing it for thousands of years;

Setting it up so they can benefit

From our collective labor and struggle.

Keep us working, sick and fearful

So we miss their slight of hand-

Distracting us with all sorts of concerns,

Pleasures and ‘necessities.’


Control. Control. Steering humanity

In the direction they choose.


Have you ever wondered why

There are continual wars, famines

And ‘new’ incurable diseases.

All part of their Plan-

Engineered to keep us marching in line-

Benefiting- the few, rich and powerful.


If you speak out- few see or believe

We are immersed in an ancient conspiracy

Established and maintained by ingenious, cruel, jailers

Who have been setting their trap

Long before we were born.


To break free, you must see the Illusion;

Then use your mind, consciousness and soul

To resist the manipulation.

What you do, create and think

In many ways, is up to you.


Create your own alternate reality

Whenever and wherever you can.

You are a Child of Love and Light

And have been Given a Magic Wand

To help Banish this Darkness.


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