Celestial Train

by stewart

It is twilight and gradually,

In my imagination, I walk toward the station;

Recalling a Celestial Train

That brought me here,

And will take me to the next place.


You see, I no longer feel

I completely live in this world;

Having left it, partially, some time ago.


Today, while one foot remains inside the boundary

So I can take care of those things

That I absolutely have to-

Others have fallen away.


I cannot say that many people

Will notice my absence,

But there are a few

And I stay to help them

Along their way.


My last few years have been a challenge.

Struggling in an environment

That I no longer totally recognize.

I never really did fit in;

At times, I tried my best

And some times this effort was flawed.


Now, I near a new beginning,

Am resistant and fearful,

But trust the Forces that brought me here;

And when the time comes

This Energy will take my hand

Gently lifting me up onto the Train.


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