Many Problems & Few If Any Solutions

by stewart

I know I am not the only one who is not fooled by the Origin of the many problems facing our world and why there seems to be few solutions.

Much of this disorder, pain and confusion is being created so that something sinister and evil might come forward. This Plan has been afoot for generations and is designed to weaken and enslave the average person. When one is chronically sick or a member of one’s family is besieged by problems, they are less able to consistently resist.

Many of our leaders are part of this Conspiracy; in part, that is why the government and so many areas of society are functioning poorly. These people want to create a world of chaos, filled with distractions, to work their selfish game.

The question arises, what can the average person do about this: particularly when they themselves are struggling not to go down for the third time?

Step One: Awaken!

See the problem for what it is: A Design to control, enslave and make some people very rich and powerful.

Step Two: Work on Self.

Make yourself the very best version of yourself. Work to reach Higher and embrace the Light in your daily actions.

Step Three: Take Positive Action.

In each moment, use your individual skill set to help make a better world and resist the tyranny. At first, take baby steps. Help others.

* *

You ask, what is the point of this writing particularly since it is vague and speaking in generalities. The point, is to help make you question, what is going on about you and is there any truth in it’s assertion, the design of chaos/destruction is purposeful, man made and geared to profit by a small group of powerful people.

If you agree, then what can you do about it?

And lastly what will be your contribution to the resistance and struggle?


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