Maintenance Activity

by stewart

Years ago, when planned obsolescence was a major production factor, as a car got older it required more maintenance. Some models seemingly were always in the shop getting repaired and that prompted owners to trade and purchase a newer model. By design, less and less time was available to use the aging car to drive routinely.

Interestingly enough people are similar. For many, the older one gets the more time is spent on daily self care activity: attending to our physical needs- certainly there are more of them (as things break down); going to the doctor regularly; because we are slowed, tasks take longer in general to complete; and less and less time is available to enjoy activity. Enjoy life.

So it seems to me that a reasonable solution might be, whenever possible, to consider an attitude adjustment: try to enjoy the maintenance activity. When traveling to the doctor sing a song, listen to some music, or call a friend to see how they are doing. I remember the lines from an old song- whistle while you work– or in this case sing a song while you take your daily meds, travel to doctor, or breathe deeply while you stretch to loosen those tired old joints.

Like an old house, we are still working but need to look after ourselves, and our loved ones, more and more. Our task becomes to make something of this activity; enjoying it whenever we can.



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