Healthy Activity: Antidote to Life Problems

by stewart

Problems are placed before you so you can overcome them.

A. Hussain



When life is kicking your butt and things seem out of control; and you are worn down by every day problems, how can spirituality or a belief in something beyond self help you reach higher?  Activity has long been known to help as a corrective to problems of daily life. Simply by switching our attention from the problem to something more enjoyable or taking purposeful action targeted at solving the problem, our mood many times becomes lighter and more positive.


In the healthy personality, the mind is so constructed

That it can only keep one thing in it at a time.

A. Hussain


Healthy Techniques


The following are six techniques that have helped me push past the angst of everyday life, for the most part, and return to a happier state of balance.

  • Relieve the Pain. First when you are in pain either physical or mental, the first step is to relieve the pain. Take medications, go for a walk, exercise as a form of catharsis, listen to music, or have some sex with your partner. Find something you enjoy and that eases your angst. If praying does this for you great. Your job is to find an activity that works most of the time. Another suggestion, call a friend or relative for support; feel their love and let it comfort you.
  • Take Action. Confront the problem head on and take some positive action to minimize its effects. If the problem is financial: work out a payment system, get help making payments, or add additional hours at work.
  • Chronic Illness. If the problem is related to chronic illness and the illness cycle is peaking, find a way to take your mind off the problem for awhile. Cook your family their favorite meal, call a friend, or watch your favorite show on TV. Temporarily shift your attention from the problem to something more enjoyable. This will ease your pain and suffering for awhile. If the medical problem is acute, make an appointment to see your doctor; my cousin who is physician has told me research shows that 1/3 of the time, patients feel better simply by going to their doctor. It seems this activity of seeking help, sets in motion internal healing activity.
  • Get Out of the House. Sometimes when you are confined inside and problems pile-up, the walls around you become a prison; go for a walk, feel the sunshine and breath the fresh air, or visit a friend and be nourished by their company. Take a drive to the Mall and walk around looking at the different items; smell the perfumes, and buy yourself something delicious to munch on. I try to get out of the house each day even for 15 minutes; it helps clear my head.
  • Long Term Solutions. In our modern lives, many times problems are not easily resolved and go on for years. After a time, these become heavy burdens and until the problem is resolved, we need many breaks from the anxiety and despair of living this way. If you are taking positive action to solve your problem, then you need a place to rest and play- until the situation matures. Keep in mind that everything ends and one day your problem will be a memory. Until then, you need to have temporary solutions to survive and regenerate. Make a list of things you like to do and incorporate daily one of these activities into your life. I call this my happiness calendar. Choosing and planning, one small thing each day I like to do that will make me happier
  • Turn Your Problems Over. If you have taken all possible action, to resolve the situation and it intensifies, then, it is time to admit you are powerless and ask the Universe/Light to help you. Pray, then, take action-then, pray again- this is the alchemical formula that sets in motion the universal laws.

*               *

You don’t solve one problem by creating another.

A. Hussain


When you are feeling sad or depressed get up and do something for someone else.

A. Hussain


The body thrives on activity and a healthy person is an active person.

A. Hussain



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Judith LaBonte September 20, 2012 at 11:55 pm

That sure is timely – in the last 3 plus weeks i’ve had the flu, not a cold, but the flu; had my computer down thanks to Macafee (sp?) security systems, which i paid for, send something to my computer and many others that nearly killed it for good – and my bank account got messed up, possibly by a fee the bank did not tell me they were going to start charging and my rent check bounced.

And i did most of this – except getting out of the house, which i am physically unable to do; however, i do know that going for a walk, when i used to be able to walk more than a few tottering steps at a time, was a great help as welll. j/L “Granny” Matrika / Rolling Buffalo Woman


stewart September 21, 2012 at 4:50 pm

Good to have you back online and offering your insightful comments amount life and blogs.


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