by stewart

Turtle was sitting by the Pond and watching the movement of the water against the breeze.

“Yes, the Pond is a beautiful place and in harmony. We are the ones who refuse and fail to see this unity.  When a dragonfly is consumed by the perch; other dragonflies see this event as horrible and unnatural. His relatives say, ‘this fly had so much to live for and he was just beginning to make real strides in the world of flies. Wasn’t it horrible how he died?’

Aah, the correct attitude for the other flies would be one of acceptance, tempered by the desire not to be consumed the perch. Of course, the fly’s relatives must grieve, yet, grief and anger must eventually give way to acceptance. Over time, acceptance must be replaced by love. For love, slowly, leads to unity.  And the Pond is always in harmony. We are the ones who break the chain by our actions and not realizing it.”

The Lesson

  • No matter our opinion and personal view; the Pond is always in harmony.  The forces which act upon the Pond are part of a larger ecosystem and universe; these natural forces have been in-play for millions of years. These forces include life and death, creation and destruction.
  • Often, we are the ones who fail to see this connection and balance; judging events by our limited view; many times disrupting the balance by our selfish, destructive action upon the natural environment.


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