Excitement Need in Higher Studies

by stewart

On the highway, have you ever wondered why people stop or slow down to look at an accident? Or why NEWS shows accentuate tragedies and often ignore the less dramatic?

You see there is something in us which dates far back in our past.  When humans were hunters, we had to be keenly aware of the unusual, in our environment, in order to survive.  If a dangerous animal approached, our senses had to pick-it-up instantly.  So in a manner of speaking, our biologic history draws us to the unusual or dramatic.  We are easily excited, so, we can survive.

It is important for people to understand this about them self and others, so, they are not controlled by this instinctual need. This is of particular importance in the area of higher studies.

Many people are drawn to this teaching or that one, because they find stimulation or excitement in them. However, the question they should ask: does this teaching work and will I benefit from it?


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