by stewart

Traveler:    And the traveler sat before the Master and questioned, "Happiness is a transitory thing. It is as illusive as a spring day in winter. One moment I am laughing and the next sad. Master tell me what I must do to balance myself and find lasting happiness?"

Master:            And the Master sat, with eyes closed, for what seemed like an hour to the young student. Finally the Master opened his eyes and softly spoke, "True and lasting happiness is found by immersing yourself in the river of your soul and, when the water has changed you, helping others. One of the great ones has said, 'A happy man thinks happy thoughts.' Yet how do you get to a place where you think only happy thoughts? That is the mystery. It was not until I immersed myself in my own river and was changed, did I fully understand how this was possible."

In the ensuing silence, the traveler wondered how long he had to swim in the water of his own soul before he experienced an answer.

Excerpt taken from S. Bitkoff, Journey of Light: Trilogy, Authorhouse, 2004.


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