Genie of the Lamp

by stewart

Once there was a mighty King who, in a field, buried a miraculous lamp. This lamp and its guardian Genie had wondrous powers. It was said, who ever possessed and used the wishes correctly, had the knowledge and power of the King them self.

O heedless one, awaken to the potential of who you are.  You are the field and the lamp, with its Genie and wishes, lies, unclaimed, within.



Thoughts are energy and man/woman is fundamentally a being of conscious energy; creating his/her own body, events and thought forms, moment to moment.

For most spiritual travelers, this essential aspect of who they are is left out of their early education; rarely are youngsters directly told that their ability to master thoughts operates like a magic lamp. From a mystical view, he/she who controls his own thoughts is Master of both the upper and lower kingdom; this being the dual aspects of our soul- where both baseness and sublimity exist.

Working Together

Now, when groups of people think the same thought and work together to manifest a potential, the power of thought forms is magnified, and often the miraculous occurs. Consider the power potential of a group of people praying and projecting their thoughts out across the planet; this eventuality has been proven by numerous scientific studies about distant healing. Also consider the potential effect of a nation of like minded citizens who joined together with a singleness of purpose; we in America saw this with our own Revolution and the world is again witnessing another sort of revolution where groups of terrorists, use religious thoughts, to push their own brand of fear and fanaticism. All of this religious rhetoric and activity: a deception to control others.

When thoughts are created they enter out into the physical world looking for a conduit, or opportunity to attach them selves and become physical reality. This is a natural law and when no opportunity exists they can return to the sender that much stronger or continue to linger about looking for a way to manifest. This energy is all around us and we are most susceptible, where this energy lingers, in both dark and light corners of the land.

At an early age, each spiritual traveler must be taught to guard their thoughts, just as they would guard a treasure; these energy creations have numerous potentials and in our own body contribute to both sickness and health.  Yes, our thoughts can help make us sick with worry or happy with joy; this is their potential both personally and out into the physical world.


In our time, through electronic media, we are assaulted with highly negative and fear generated thoughts and messages. Often these thoughts are aimed at controlling us and systematically designed to push us toward either a belief or an action. Consider our political messages or television commercials. What are they really selling? Or look at the reports each time a terrorist attacks; why are these events even reported? One wonders how many attacks would actually occur if there was no media coverage. Further, when watching the weather, consider how an upcoming winter storm or wild fire is reported. What is the real message? Why are they targeting our fear? Who is trying to control us and to do what? Or how many crime shows or movies about serial murderers are needed to further a world of darkness. Sadly, this use of fear is not simply a play to our excitement or entertainment need; something far more sinister and purposeful is happening. Remember, people are more easily controlled when they are frightened and will turn toward any one who can remove this fear.

Create Reality

O spiritual traveler, guard your thoughts well; use them like you would use 3 wishes from a Genie of the Lamp. For you see, you are the lamp, Genie and wisher; creating moment by moment the world you inhabit.  Make your wishes count; use them wisely.  Help create a world that is evolving upward. Project out into the universe messages of love, goodness, and health. Then awaken each day to make these powerful thoughts into Reality.


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Alaysia October 1, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Very true, don’t wish for your Genie to appear, create that reality for yourself. If you use it wisely, you’ll get more than three, I promise!


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