Choosing How to Live

by stewart

Let me be perfectly clear: most if not all of the problems on this planet are caused by humanity and not caused by God/Light.

Presently, this world is the way it is right now because people wish it to be this way; having set in motion natural laws which result in chaos, conflict, hunger and disease.

For a very long time now, humanity, collectively has failed to acknowledge and live by the natural laws which govern our lives, physical planet and universe.

Too many voices have drowned out, with personal priorities, that each person has primary responsibility to self, family, community and larger world. Part of these responsibilities include: guarding and using our thoughts, globally sharing, protecting and helping one another.

As a species, long have we forgotten we are responsible for our thoughts, our actions, one another and our fellow living creatures. We have forgotten, we are responsible for a Magic Wand: the thoughts we think and the actions we initiate physically and through our consciousness.

Let me ask you? Why must one person have six houses and another go homeless? Why must one die from starvation while tons of foods are thrown out each day? Why must one go without treatment for disease while pharmaceutical corporations rake in billions? Why must one nation refuse to share its resources with another and threaten the world with nuclear disaster?

Yes, these are conscious choices made by people each day, all creating our collective reality.

Remember, we are Sons & Daughters of a King, and with our thoughts and energies govern and create a vast Kingdom.

For most people, what we think, create and do each moment and day is really up to us. How we choose to live our lives and influence others, our community, and planet through our conscious thoughts and actions, all part of the responsibility of free will choice.

Creating Reality: this is all part of the responsibility of living as a mature, human being.


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Judith LaBonte October 1, 2012 at 12:19 am

what you said about drug companies making millions while some people have no health care hit home to me – it has always been a wonder to me as a recovering alcoholic, etc. and a retired addictions counselor, how, somehow, junkies can all get their fix, while others can’t get basic cancer treatments that are the newest and the best, but saved for the wealthy only. That, as health insurance companies and medicare/medicaid in particular create an apartheid system of medicine, where poor patients can’t get the best, cutting edge, treatments and have to take the harshest I V chemo, radiation, surgeries etc.

i am not talking about this as theory, but as a cancer-free former cancer patient who is mentoring a wonderful woman with cancer who wants to get treated more wholistically and is repeatedly being denied by Masshealth – medicaid in Massachusetts – for anything but the older, primitive treatments with the nastiest of side effects.

and seen that one of her former doctors seemed angry that she is apparently, by all the tests, curing herself of her cancer using faith and psychic/spiritual healing and energy work with homeopathy and aryurvedic (sp?) medicine, etc. It is NOT right!

Esp. when the wholistic and preventative methods of healing are actually LESS EXPENSIVE FOR THE TAXPAYER then the older modalities of treatment that are so cruel to the human body!
j/L “Granny” Matrika / Rolling Buffalo Woman
p s my late Husband told me He had read where in a time when Islam was more widely held, even in Spain and Portugal, that some Islamic societies paid the doctor every month, as long as they were well – but if they got sick, they stopped payment. i don’t know where He got that information or if it’s true, but it SHOULD be – and it seems like a good idea for health care nowadays too, although that is a dream only.


stewart October 1, 2012 at 1:19 am

Hi Judith:
As you know, I agree with you; having worked my whole life with people who are on Medicaid/Welfare. It seems that the tax payers only want minimal coverage for this group; that’s why they leave it to the government to administer. The only option, either don’t get sick or become rich. One day, perhaps, this will be a kinder, gentler world.


Alaysia October 1, 2012 at 4:30 pm

I agree with Judith, doctors should work for the well being of the patient, it shouldn’t matter what is in their bank account. We are people who depend on your knowledge, not your greed.


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