Fuel for the Fire #3

by stewart

Q.  In the world today, optimally, what is the role of religion/spirituality in helping to create a better planet?

A.  As intended, religion is to become the center of life; a starting place for learning about the world of spirit: while establishing social and moral laws around which to frame everyday life.

The fact that some travelers turn religion into something else and make it into a weapon to do harm is a secondary aspect. These same travelers will turn anything they can into a way to achieve their own desires- irrespective of those they harm.

Both religion- the organized structure and spiritual learning, the experience of the inner reality, bring great comfort, joy and meaning to the lives of many travelers.  It is through this spiritual learning that each traveler experiences: they are a ray of Light from a larger Sun and make their way through the universe.

*          *

The duckling was both tired and exhilarated from her struggle.  Breaking through the shell had taken hours and as her eyes adjusted to the sunlight, the youngster wondered, what to do next?

Gazing about, the duckling saw her mother seated nearby observing. With a loving twinkle in her eye, she spoke.  “Do not worry.  I am here to guide and I will teach you what you need to know.”

*          *                                             

For the spiritual traveler, the teacher is the guide who instructs in the next phase of life -spiritual learning.  Until this point, breaking free of the shell of patterned thought, everything the traveler needed was inborn and readily available.  It was part of biological hardwiring and social learning and conditioning.  Now entering a larger world, there were important things to know about and recognize.  Because the teacher has traveled this path, learning will be directed as in the case of the mother duck, by an expert.

 *          *

The ducklings in the nest are taught everything they need.

They are a completed species.

Man is still evolving spiritually

Although some have reached completion.

These completed souls help others make the journey.

Using tools and faculties termed extraordinary.

Often, the instruction these teachers offer

Is denied or over looked.

Such is the condition of man.


*          *


A.  Most of humanity is asleep. They are drifting in this world aimlessly. They build synagogues, mosques, and churches in order to glorify themselves. They do not know where they came from or where they are going. Some of them are awakened and are trying to awaken others …”  A. Hussain, MD


 A.  What i was going to say was when my spiritual Teacher or Mentor showed up in my life, SHE was not at all what i had thought of that type of teacher as being at ALL!

i don’t know what i was expecting, but i didn’t think it would be someone quite so strong and almost overwhelming in personality.  A woman who hunts and fights in medieval style events as a female knight, sometimes with two swords, and a computer geek – brilliant – besides. The sole support of her family, with her spouse being a house husband type, who was raising there, then-toddler, son!

i think i was expecting more of a Hippie, Matrifocal/Nature oriented, Earth-Mom type – someone who’d be comfortable at woodstock or in a commune, maybe a vegetarian and definitely a liberal/progressive – maybe even in a commune.

The Light of the Creator has a strong sense of HUMOR!
j/L “Granny” Matrika






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