Finding a Teacher

by stewart

Today I received a question from a fellow spiritual traveler about finding a teacher and reaching toward the Greater Light. Please remember, the Radiances of Truth are all around us and we must remember how to perceive and connect with them. It is our destiny to do this and is as natural as breathing fresh air.

I share this interchange so that we might all benefit.

Q:  Please could you guide me on the choice of a teacher that would assist in my quest for the Greater Light.

 A:  For many basic questions/answers, I am able to provide some information. Also, my recent book- Sufism for Western Seekers, Path of the Spiritual Traveler in Everyday Life answers many basic questions. I did a recent radio show now hosted: It’s a fun listen and talks about everyday spirituality and new book or check out my new blog

Second, I refer you to the works of Idries Shah who died in 1996 and wrote 30 books concerning everything the modern western spiritual traveler/seeker needs. I would start with reading: Learning How to Learn, The Perfumed Scorpion, The Way of the Sufi, and The Sufis; in that order.

Seeking Truth or greater spiritual learning is a life long pursuit and starts by remembering who you are- you are a spirit which has taken up residence in a physical body to go and do all sorts of things.

If there is another teacher whose work appeals to you, read all the preparatory material the teacher has made available ( in this age most teachers have prepared written material) and if there is a connection- present yourself to the teacher. This suggestion is offered in one of Idries Shah’s many books.

Remember in this learning, there is no time and space. My first teacher used to say- the majority of the Teaching took place, at night, while we were asleep.

Once again, if I can be of further assistance, ask away. Stewart

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