Dissatisfaction With Your Path

by stewart

Q:       I am dissatisfied with my path: how do I find another?

In this matter there are a number of considerations.

Because you are dissatisfied with something it does not mean it is not of use; dissatisfaction is an emotional state which comes and goes.  Ask yourself what you dislike about your religious/spiritual presentation; usually the part we dislike is a specific person or particular aspect of the teaching; usually this is a surface dimension, or interpretation that has angered and hurt us, or just doesn’t seem to make sense.

Yet spiritual experience is independent of teachers or teachings.  Spiritual learning and experience, is an inner acknowledgement and connection with our own higher capacity.  It is an inner perception and awareness that is buried deep within and should be as natural as inhaling a deep refreshing breath of mountain air.

Remember to reach higher knowledge we need a structure to learn; each traveler has to be mindful not to go running between learning environments, never finding the right setting, because they were the wrong kind of student.  That is, a student who never found the right teaching because the different presentations did fit preconceived notions and standards.

A teaching may be measured, that is, a determination made if it is the correct teaching in a number of ways.  Just like buying a car, each of us has very specific internal and external requirements. We must be consciously aware of these requirements; list them and try not to let them operate subconsciously.

For example, some travelers learn best when their teacher is a man rather than a woman.  Others are more open to learning when the format incorporates their existing faith and others when it is from another culture, foreign and ‘exotic.’

Internally you will be aware if a path is working for you; there will be an inner harmony and spiritual acknowledgement; because this experience and learning is part of the design of your life.  Of course, this does not mean satisfaction every moment of every day. Just like life, spiritual paths are filled with ups and downs.

Overall if an alignment is not present and there is an internal discord; stop your outward searching and turn inward.  It is not the time for you.  Sincerely ask your higher self and Deity/Light for guidance; and as your life unfolds, your path will find you.

It is a spiritual rule that the teacher calls to the student and finds them.  The part that the teacher perceives and activates is aligned with the higher spiritual impulse.  This spiritual alignment is achieved through honest seeking, right living and internal preparation.

On a spiritual level, for the most part, you must earn what you receive.

*              *

To Be

So you think you will be successful on the Path.

Have you ever considered the source of your belief?


Perhaps you are mistaken

And this idea is just another form of greed.

Or you might really have the capacity

And it is just a matter of time and training.


Foolish one, give-up your circular arguments!

These thoughts and questions were designed

To take you part of the way,

Then the ego must die.

Switch to another mode of consciousness:

And Be

That which you were created:

To Be.

*          *

Gradually the ego learns

To defer to the organ of perception.


Grudgingly the ego gives up;

And only after many battles.

*          *

Often travelers see only

What they are looking to find.

Not what is actually present.


The traveler with higher perception

Sees both- what is present

And what they require-

And knows when to act.


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