Darkness & Evil

by stewart

Q:  Are some things dark and evil?  Is there a devil?

In each day, there is darkness and Light.  In each heart there is capacity to move into the sunlight.  The further we move from Truth, the darker our thoughts; the more we seek to help others, because our actions are aligned with Truth, our thoughts fill with Light.

Are there people whose actions are aligned with darkness?  Yes.  Are there people whose actions are aligned with Light? Yes.  Remember on the highest planes there is no darkness only Light.

There are thought forms or energy patterns that vibrate at lower levels; these thought forms are dark and are created from anger, negativity and the desire to selfishly control and hurt.  This conscious energy has existence and interacts upon the situation creating darkness, pain and separation. We call this energy pattern evil.

The devil that has horns, red skin and is commonly pictured in movies or print is a composite and for the most part imagination.  There is a dark essence, however, not in this form.

If you are faced with consciousness or energy that is frightening, say a prayer and turn toward the Light.  Ask the Light to protect you and, as God Wills, you will be bathed in Sun Light.  Repeat the Name over and over. That which is of the Purest Essence vanquishes all darkness.



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Rev. Judith LaBonte (ULC) May 19, 2013 at 11:06 pm

There is an older book on this and it’s really interesting – says a lot of what you’ve said and more. It’s Dion Fortune’s book on Psychic Self-Defense. When i say older, well, she died in 1946.

The sky right now is so lovely- because of the clouds i guess. Which shows darkness can just be a period of rest, passiveness, and a time to release the old to make way for the new. But normally the sky is kind of sapphire color or starting to get that way around now. But because of the clouds, it’s more a lilac color. it’s really amazingly gorgeous!
j/L “Granny” Matrika/Rolling Buffalo Woman (i.e. Rev. Judith A LaBonte ULC)


stewart May 19, 2013 at 11:56 pm

Thanks for the description of the sky; without darkness there can be no Light.


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