Cosmic Dream Catcher

by stewart

Although the names, places and times

May change, sadly,

Human behavior remains the same.


O spiritual traveler, give thought

To this reality

And identify what conditions

Must be in place, to enable,

Positive and wide spread behavioral change?


Consider how one traveler

Transcends their own lower nature

And consider how a civilization,

Collectively, creates a world

Where each person’s journey

To live freely and humanely

Is fully honored and respected.


To this potential,

Of putting aside our selfish nature,

What are the many road blocks?

In our open and free society,

Collectively what are the obstacles

That must be over come?


Further, in historical memory

Has there ever been a time and place

Where peace, harmony

And care for human dignity

Was cultivated and flourished?

Or is this potential

Just another dream,

Waiting for a Cosmic Dream Catcher.




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