Crazy Poet

by stewart


My gift to you are these words which, from time to time, appear on this page.

Often they originate on a distant shore, where Celestial Light is a morning sun, and a gentle breeze ushers their energy softly through me. The Author is that Radiance which has Created an Ocean of Wisdom that has always been.

Today if these words have no meaning for you, then, forget or perhaps store them in a draw for later. It is my hope, that at some point, they please and enrich you; lifting you-up higher on your journey Home.

These words are eternal, transcribed with ink that never dries. As the Universe Wills, may you benefit from their notes. If you listen with an inner ear- you will sing and fill with joy.

Me, I am but a scribe, a crazy poet, dancing madly through this long starry night.


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