Always Getting What You Want

by stewart

Consider the possibility: people are always getting exactly what they want by creating problems for themselves so they will have something to do, keep themselves busy and continue to struggle; this creation of personal problems confirms their inner world view- the world is a harsh place and full of pain. Often this mechanism is operating on what we call a subconscious level and people are not fully aware, most often, they are the source of their own problems. And while the worldly consciousness is occupied with these daily concerns, creating and solving persistent problems, their higher consciousness lays dormant.


In order for the higher consciousness to operate and be maximized, the worldly consciousness must be stilled and pushed aside for a time. This is an essential aspect of the inner journey; time to be still and hear the inner call. Practice this exercise daily, and as God/Light Wills, one day you will awaken to find this higher mode of thought is as natural as the other.


Do not be afraid!  You are the door which stands in your way. Learn to recognize your own inner road blocks. Go beyond fear and learn to operate on another level; here you will find peace and awareness in the Ocean of the Beloved’s Love.


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